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Tomato soup is one of the tastiest and refreshing soups, juicy and tangy to taste with a nice aroma of ripe tomatoes and basil.
soup made with tomatoes
Tomato Soup

2 springs basil-tulsi
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp cumin seeds
optional pinch food color red
4 piece garlic
1 slice gr pepper, capsicum
1 piece leeks/celery
1/2 small onion
1 pinch pepper pdr
1 to taste salt
1/2 tsp sugar
4-5 number tomato

• heat butter in pan add cumin seeds add garlic , chopped onions, leeks and celery ,bellpepper and saute for few min ,
• Add tomatoes and cook till mashed with little water add salt ,sugar and basil, pepper pdr
• put in a blender and make a fine pure and strain
• add butter in a pan add 1 tsp of flour and cook in very slow flame till it is slightly brown add strained puree and add water ,season your soup ,check seasoning ,add cream if you desire
• serve hot
• enjoy cooking with vahrehvah
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Shubham Rawat says:

I want this but i don't have that much ingredients and im bored due to this lockdown

Tailor Maid says:

Vahchef is very entertaining with his playful presentations

Murali Krishna says:

Please tell the brand of the blender which you are using..

la premiere construction says:

Wonderful chef
Down to earth

Sandra Carli says:

That's a lot of fat. Not good for the arteries.

Santhoshikumari Dadi says:

As a part of viewing ur all videos I just find this video… Ur so energitic in this video bro.. Simple and delicious recipe… Thank you

sab says:

Tu Bak Bak bahot karta hey be

Amit Chawla says:

Why not add beet root a very small piece for giving natural harmless color Rest all recepie of your is fantastic

Shailesh Lal says:

Starts at 1:00

dowaturheartsay says:

Can we add cornflower instead of maida

Anisa Sultana says:

I have made this soup so many time , my family loves it ..thank you for such an amazing recipe.

CookingVooking says:

What is soup?

Soup is the diluted gravy of Indian Curries which is thickened by various means and optionally topped by Crispy stuff usually 🥳

sara annamma says:

This video published on 2017 !! Mashah allah

Nageswara Rao B says:

I like Mr Sanjay's preparation of recipes as to whether it is veg or nonveg.Hats off Sanjay we are proud of you.

venkatasita G says:

Crazy fellow is it tomato soup

Sambhaji Rege says:

Namaskar sir ji.Very nice testy and authentic soup.with tips and best explained with easy words . my family likes very much.thanks.

pacman says:

There are still other videos but I prefer this one only 😉 don't know y

Murali Krishna says:

Please post how to manufacture a husband

Atul Dhingraa says:

Who's watching in 2019?

sks taj says:

Sanjay you always hit the show man.
Very simple personality. May god bless u

Anubha Mishra says:

Vidio ke starting me chuha aagaya that kya

Anshuman Khanna says:

He forgot to add water

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