Top 10 Insane Breakfast Recipes

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It’s breakfast like you’ve never seen it before! Today we’re going to be showing you our top 10 favourite and most insane breakfast recipes to kickstart your day!

0:00 – Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake
1:25 – French Toast Pockets
2:20 – Giant Sausage And Egg McMuffin
5:10 – Chocolate Banana Pancake Dogs
6:01 – Breakfast Enchiladas
8:49 – Breakfast French Toast Roll Ups
9:22 – Full English French Toast
9:57 – Mini Breakfast Tacos
10:40 – Ham and Cheese French Toast Swirl
13:22 – French Toast Stack

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Speccy SquareGoLike says:

Cutting off the crust is such a big waste. You can still make French toast with the crusts on; I've done it before

Lindsay DeClute says:

The last one with the french toast sticks looks like something I couldn’t screw up, but we’ll see.

Legendary Legend says:

This is art.

Andrea Heya says:

These all look great! Thanks for the ideas 😁😁🙏🤩

Old Yt Account says:

Ngl these look good asf.

Mar joseph Reyes says:

I gained 4 pounds just by watching this.

Mar joseph Reyes says:

More like "10 insane breakfast recipes that will make you obese in weeks"

ev yt says:

5:20just maked the healthy anhealty

1526 Sharecroppers Grandboy says:

🙉 Had to watch muted.. Couldn't stop dancin to the grooves 🕺🏿💃🏿…

Busy Sports Mama says:

who is thinking about all the calories?

Batool Alsamani says:

I think I’ll stick to my cereals
This is too much

Prof Simkins says:

6:48 I didn’t think about adding 12 eggs to taste before…

763 says:

Do Americana just have ham/bacon, cheese and eggs for breakfast??

763 says:

Who the fuck has time in the morning to make dough… Let it sit for an hour …Roll it out and let it sit for another 40 minutes

LJ Miller says:

Where do you even find the time to make these in the morning? 1 of these meals even take up to 2 hours to prepare.

O.M says:

That red yolk at the beginning?!

MIkelle Gasparini says:

Looks great.

jlawsonlawyer says:

too many freaking commercials that go on and fucking on

Candice Rebello says:

Wow! Heart attack on a plate 🙌

Karima Reyes says:

French toast pockets! That’s insane!

Islander rose gacha says:

That French toast pocket or whatever infuriates me. If I ever make it I’m putting strawberries and cream inside or something

Melissa Germain says:

Is no one gonna mention the red egg yolk?

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