Top 3 Asian Chicken Recipes – Marion's Kitchen

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Top 3 Asian Chicken Recipes
1. Spicy Fried Chicken Bao Buns:
2. Beggar’s Chicken:
3. Chinese Honey Chicken:

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Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who’s had a life-long love affair with Asian food.

Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.

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Darne young says:

I love your recipes thank you

Jeyo McNugget says:

The female gok wan lol

MaZEEZaM says:

Yum, Yum, Yum 👹

Kim thatsallyouneedtoknow says:

can the wine be stored in a cabinet or should it be put in fridge? I just ordered some and have no clue how to store it
thanks!!!! can't wait to make the honey chicken for my hubby!

Tima Martin says:

What can I cook tonight in my Crock-Pot.

Tima Martin says:

I'm learning so much watching you.

French Potato says:

Thank you for sharing your talent and joy in cooking Marion!

Kere Amohau says:

The family loved the Honey Chicken I cooked for dinner tonight. You earned yourself a happy subscriber

Estefany Ramos says:

I made the first recipe. Not only was it easy but it was delish!!! My whole family loved it too. I used the chicken stock as a substitute for the wine and i also add a tiny bit of rice vinegar in the sauce.

T T says:

Thanks you

drmseeker says:

For diabetes can we use stevia??

marilyn alexander says:

I have three gorgeous Chinese students living with me while they study, I am so glad I found your Channel I use your recipes all the time and they are a definite winner with my students, especially your noodle recipes great for lunch

colin mortlock says:

Hey there, love you recipes and would love to try them.  But firstly with the beggars chicken, what can you use if you cant get coriander root, is there an alternative or can you use the leaves and stalks.  Also, are there tricks to make this gluten free.  For example, tamari is the guten/wheat free soy sauce, but there is no option that I know of for the dark soy sauce.  Any advice would be great.

Tyler Larrabee says:

Marion is AMAZING!!!

Circuit Fried says:

how to make chicken nuggets lmao

AirCooledGirl2006 says:

This is a carnivore's dream!

Austin Dick says:

Your cooking is so good love your recipes" 😍👍

turbojon811 says:

Beyond splendid, as usual Marion! I really enjoyed the photos of your parents, thank you for sharing. I'm going to get a wok, single range gas burner, and mortar and pestle for Christmas — cannot wait!

Marguerite Dilosa says:

OMG I love you cooking !i love your enthusiasm and passion for food and cooking , a girl after my own heart ! Thankyou .

E Lao says:

Love your recipes but for some reason I'm unable to crisp anything up! 😕

Kristin Wright says:

I have been so frustrated seeing this traditional paste that includes coriander root in a number of recipes that look interesting. I am one of those who genetically can't stand fresh coriander and while I substitute all the time with parsley, mint and or basil, I just pass on recipes that depends on heavy amounts of cilantro assuming a substitution would throw off the flavor profile too much. 

Seeing the Beggar's chicken again I did a bit more research and found something I had not seen before. Using parsley and adding lemon zest to cut down on the bitter parsley can impart and to brighten the dish the way cilantro does (for other people.) I also saw that ginseng is used instead of cilantro root in Northern Thailand. That sounds amazing. Don't think I will experiment with a whole chicken but I am likely to select another of Marion's dishes that uses the paste. Has anyone else with the cilantro curse found something that works?

valeria fernandez says:

So lovely to se the pictures of your family! Beatiful love story!

Dianne S says:

Does the honey chicken stay crisp with that heavy sauce or should I double fry?

Penelope Susan says:

How do you clean your mortar and pestle after you have ground the paste in it… especially when you've used the little hot chilies like in other recipes you've done. I have a mortar and pestle very similar to yours with a rather rough and corse texture in the inside of the bowl. Any helpful hints? Love your recipes and Mama Noi is lovely!

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