Top 5 Fried Rice by Masterchef l How To l Yummy Chinese Food

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Quick and Simple recipes – Masterchef John shows you how to make perfect homemade fried rice in 5 ways with step by step instruction.

Here are five of our fan’s favorite fried rice recipes:
00:07 BBQ Pork (Char Siu) Fried Rice
02:29 Epic Lamb Fried Rice
05:58 Shrimp Fried Rice
08:27 Chicken Fried Rice
11:14 Veg & Egg Fried Rice

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Gilles Huioutu says:

If only chinese could only stick to that kind of cuisine , we wouldn't had that freaking virus …

Zoren Tarroyo says:

i love cooking ❤️

Steven Fransisco says:

Indonesia nasi goreng (fried rice)

veins almighty says:

The best ingredients are the comment sections lmao

Fakin Bish says:

He should make a bat recipe of this

Miiu Catering says:

I love it … thank you chef ^^

Kэрри Ма says:

Шеф повар-Король поварского искусства,но оператор просто Бог кинокамеры!!!

Kon Z3N says:

Just fry a bat then create another Pandemic.

Alexhansda says:

2nd one is like biryani.

PreEtY SiNgH says:

Wow 😍 sooo yummy 👌👌

Courage Man Helmet says:

I love chinese cuisine! they are the oldest style and 1st cuisine to introduce in other countries. Also cooking method is very old and they using still like the chinese wok. Fried Rice,Lumpias Omellette and Canton are came from Chinese Cuisine also it has complete ingredients in terms of preparing and cooking the food.

Durga R says:

I wanted to ask this for long now.
Why is there water always running?
Is it re used?

rucussing says:

No Pineapple, no lemon juice in mine thank you!

Peter B says:

This will definitely come in handy the next time the only kitchen utensils I have are a shovel and a viking shield.

Javed Khan says:

5:55 is Plov (or pilaf/pulav), not fried rice!

de fe says:

Excellent as usual! But for plov (epic lamb rice) get some lessons from uzbeks, please.

Ace Morandarte says:

1 tsp of something but drops everything 😂😂😂

Celso Chiang says:

Love Hong Kong dishes! From the Philippines

sid gurung says:

First "mo fu" chef got the water tap running whole time….. Such a shame, so long "save water" "%×

sean C says:

I have trouble making a fried egg without tons of non-stick spray. Thus will wait till can go out to restaurants to enjoy such meals. For now it's instant food plus takeaways.

Nicolas Osorio says:

corta el agua ctm, buen video

Sudhaunshu Purohit says:

I want to see a recipe for Bat-Soup and Snake-Kabab

Johnny Morales says:

This channel doesn’t like criticism and it shows lmaooooooo

Joshua Jacob says:

The Rapeseed Oil and 3:22 where do you find that ingredient at?

Joseph Berry says:

I have a complain: The video was to short 😂

Roland Rios V says:

Fried rice: Easy and Creative. You can add almost anything 🍚

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