Top Ten Soup Recipes

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Rebecca Brand shows how to make Soups and Stews, Chicken Noodle, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Chicken Matzo Ball, Chicken Dumpling, Split Pea Soup, Butternut Squash Soup, Lentil Soup and more. This summary video gives you great ideas on fantastic easy to prepare soups! Feed your family and friends with these big pots of great hearty soups!


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NiCole Sky says:

Okay, you've totally inspired me to get up at 11:00 pm & make a pot of soup

_weronika.x N says:

Rebecca your so amazing

anne Sh says:

Am going to have someone make the butternut squash one for me. It looks delicious! I'm having to eat purees/liquid only right now and am having such a hard time with it. Does anyone know of recipes/ website/youtube channel that might be making food like this that would taste potentially a bit more like food? So much is just not appetizing and since I'm unable to actually cook for myself right now I don't get the chance to try to play with flavours. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated! I'm pretty limited in what I can eat but would like to make the most of it while I can. Thanks to anyone qho takes the time to answer :)

Rachel H says:

I tried the Split pea soup.  It was WONDERFUL!  My only issue was a small piece of bone got into the blender so there was small bits of bone, but still wonderful.  I am going to make it again with double smoked ham slices (no bone).

Juancito Guerrero says:

Rebeca your Amazing really talented 👌🙌

emmy snowwhite says:

I would love to see a light version of a creamy mushroom soup,thanks adorable samantha….lol

Carl Cereceda says:

Rebecca, you should get an instagram account! xx

Audrey Deforest says:

Rebbeca your so amazing I love u so much your so much better than like Rachel ray your awsome please do a potato soup and a ministrone soup recipe please

jack de la haye says:

i cant wait for your video you where telling me about the other day 😉 you know who i am lol, i hope your having a lovely day, loved this video! :)

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