TRYING 3 Different LEVAIN COOKIE Recipes

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Trying out 3 different Levain Chocolate Chip Cookie Copycat recipes! I kinda messed up Joshua’s but…

You MIGHT like these videos…emphasis on might:
-Trying Copycat Lofthouse Cookies:
-Trying 3 XXL Single Serve Cookies:
-Trying Cupcake Jemma’s Birthday Cake Cookies:

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Novie Rose Yu says:

I used cake flour πŸ˜‹ it turned out good hehe baking is a science πŸ˜‰

sidekickdumpling says:

So interesting to see this! Thank you for using all that butter and eggs to make these so we don't have to πŸ˜‚ I'd love to see more recipe comparisons in the future. I do have one question though.. did you feel like any of the cookies were too sweet? I have a sweet tooth but I also don't like things too sweet and I've tried dessert recipes from cupcake jemma and Joshua before and found both of them a little too sweet even though I had already cut down the sugar so just curious if you had an issue with that?

AliceTan29 says:

Do you think cake flour makes a difference? I made a batch with all purpose flour and they still turned out good! :)

Shamey Abdulkadir Kassim says:

I can’t get my cupcake Gemma cookies to flatten, I bake them straight from the freezer and they stay in a dome! Any tips? And what temp did you use

Ronald Stewart says:

Thanks for the insight. I'm always interested in seeing other people's opinions on recipes posted on youtube. You really put a lot of time into recreating these. Next time, I would suggest just making maybe two or three of each recipe, then you can freeze the rest of the batter to help curb your sweet tooth and have it all last longer.

David McCarthy says:

Great video.

Serene Santiago says:

Thanks for this! Super helpful . Appreciate it. πŸ’™

Ker Kare says:

Cool experiment

Paul Pimentel says:

I tried Joshua Weissmans on my channel and I butchered them so bad

Sword 319 says:

Making Joshua weissmans take on this and while waiting for them to finish chilling I saw your video of his original ideal cookie, and then I saw this up next lol

P.S. I got 10 6 oz balls from joshuas recipe, and like two ounces of dough left over In which I ate

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