Tuna Fish Curry Recipe | Village Style Fish Recipes | Cooking By Street Village Food

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Tuna Fish Curry Recipe | Village Style Fish Recipes | Cooking By Street Village Food



Tuna Fish
Cooking Oil
Black Cumin
Red Chili
Onion Chopped
Green Chili
Onion Paste
Garlic Paste
Turmeric Powder
Red Chili Powder
Cumin Powder
Black Pepper Powder
Coriander Leaf

Methods of Tuna Fish Curry Recipe:

In this video we show recipes of Tuna Fish Curry. Tuna Fish Curry Recipe Use in Tuna Fish, Cooking Oil, Black Cumin, Red Chili, Tomato, Onion Chopped, Green Chili, Onion Paste, Garlic Paste, Salt, Turmeric Powder, Red Chili Powder, Cumin Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Coriander Leaf and Water all well mix Fry and Boil.
Tuna Fish Curry Recipe is very Healthy & Tasty.
It is a special.

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hossain rubel says:

apu tawoo super.

online india says:

Super video

Syed Abrar Hussain says:

Guys this girl is just for rating , she didn't know to cook , see she has yellow dress but the cook sleeves were black. I noticed in other videos too.

Neptune's Toy says:

Over cooking the fish by frying first 10 min. At the end is all the fish needs

Osman Ali says:

এত মজা না মনি, S

Vikash Gupta says:

ye ek pyaj me ek kilo chicken bana deti hai

නෙල්ලි කැලේ බුරියා 1 says:

This is not Tuna. This is Bonito.

Sriswarna Balakrishnan says:

Too much spicy😛

Anthony Das Anthony says:

prepare in Kerala style.I don't like this curry. but fish is very fresh.fish

raj das says:

এই মাছ টার নাম কি

amal fernando says:

thanks sister l am going to try

Davoori Vasanth says:

Can u speek in videos I want to hear ur voice

AR TechnicalTea says:

Good… Speak about food will make your blog good.

Sanj Gunetileke says:

That looks so good!

harikrishna chittabatina says:

I love u ur videos

paresh prajapati says:

Excellent…. superb…. thank you

sm raz says:

baaaler supper

Miguel Reyes says:

I feel I'm the king getting cooked for.thank you..sincerely miguel reyes

Sneha Bhattacharya says:

Congratulations.. ad peye gachen..😃

koyel arya says:

again same old onion, ginger and garlic formula. she really don't know any other method. not all recipe requires these, sometimes they totally mask the original taste

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