Turn Your Kitchen into a Fancy Restaurant with These 12 Italian Recipes

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1. Chorizo Manchego Carbonara: https://bit.ly/2uLx8F9
2. Pesto-Injected Burrata Bombs: https://bit.ly/2SGfkmQ
3. Baked Cauliflower Gnocchi: https://bit.ly/2ELsN6y
4. Meatball Roses: https://bit.ly/322IVLC
5. Spaghetti Layer Cake: https://bit.ly/38rXWJ6
6. Pasta Mug Rigatoni: https://bit.ly/2SJBS65
7. Oreo Tiramisu: https://bit.ly/3bAEmMO
8. Spaghetti and Meatball Nests: https://bit.ly/38vzTca
9. Lasagna Cups: https://bit.ly/2UOmJmR
10. Carbonara Chicken: https://bit.ly/3bIgEOW
11. Crispy Italian Yakisoba: https://bit.ly/2Str6lO
12. Italian Stuffed Squid: https://bit.ly/37uEt9w

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Cole Harrison says:

And is that tiramisu with oreos?????

Cole Harrison says:

78.98 for a whole wheel of cheese kind of expensive for a pasta dish.

noah ferrer says:

6:36 my Italian grandmother just flipped inside her grave

AVIOID says:

the last two made me cringe so hard. spaghetti okonomiyaki is a mistake.

Elisa Lemma says:

I'm Italian and I didn't come here for the video, but for the comments… And I wasn't disappointed

Moxen Remon says:

I appreciate they're more experimental than Tasty for example, but when I see that 'layer cake' or the 'yakisoba', all I think is that Americans have decimated cuisine

Chop Happy says:

Can't go wrong with making Italian recipes and these look great! Great video!


I'm Italian and seeing a sort of carbonara with Spanish cheese and chorizo is a crime

Bryan Guegan says:

Wtf, why crushed oreos for the tiramisu ? You needed to use ladyfingers …

Hermitey Perez Triana says:

Manchego, they used a cheese from Spain and they are selling this to as Italian cuisine

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