Ultimate Cajun Crawfish Boil

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Buy Your Boiling Equipment here,

With a Honda powered Slip n slide

My BBQ rub is for sale here: 007bondjb.blogspot.com

My entire family cooks great Cajun food, I learned from
them starting at age 10 & have been cooking since then.
I love to try new thing and can cook all kinds of cuisine.
Making videos is a great way to share recipes with friends & fans.

Cooking tips & fun in the kitchen with a Real Cajun Chef, One stop shop for everything from Advice to Zaniness. You’ll learn to cook real no BS awesome food that anyone can make. No bells or whistles or “foo-foo” plates! Homemade, home-style and simply terrific. I bring “common-sense to You-tube and cooking!
Two new videos uploaded every week!

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Plenty of Cajun & Creole recipes, History & tips ate The Gumbo Pages:


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Garnett M says:

MERRY CHRISTMAS Jeff hope the season is festive

Brenda Smith says:

Those are some huge ass crawfish! We just got small ones up here in wisconsin

Bryan A.Cal says:

people you have to understand the white mans culture, this helps sum it up a little

mikeje305 says:

jb I like how you say non union

Richard Ellison says:

that's what family is all about

Tanya McMikle says:

We moved here from Idaho last month, been enjoying your videos for years!!! Would love to attend your yearly crawfish boil

yoyoyojeremy says:

hes non union

Keya Davis says:

what is non union people?

Alex Benitez says:

I thought I was watching crawfish. not grown ass men playing on slip n' slidez

scootdawg3535 says:

dont try this up north

Miosotis Correa says:

you got an amazing family n thise crawfish looks yummy. nevet ate crawfish

12dance4u1 says:

sound like the crawfish he was playing with was like would you just fucking soak me already please and spare me this

Korey Songe says:

Love eating crawfish? Check out " I'm Peelin it" on the new cd DECOYS IN THE BATHTUB now on iTunes, cdbaby and Google play!!

Jazzmia Russ says:

OMG 😩😩 those crawfish look amazing!!! I need to visit Louisiana asap lol

SheSoPhilly says:

I love seafood but i NEVER had crawfish before, I wonder how it tastes it looks so good tho.

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