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When Masterchef John Zhang starts shredding the chicken, what he is about to create…. I’m in awe!

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This is a traditional and delicious dish that’s slowly becoming “endangered”!!

Chef John starts by frying the entire chicken, keeping the oil temperature between 350 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Frying gives the chicken skin a pleasing color and helps to hold its shape. Next, stewing infuses the chicken, making it soft, tender, and flavorful. When the chicken is done stewing, it’s deboned. After 30 minutes of steaming, pouring the sauce on top, and this dish taste heavenly! Every bite of chicken meat is flavorful and juicy.

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craig Plainfield says:

I am wondering if the cooking wine that you use is the rice wine that is so common or perhaps some other wine (maybe a grape based wine).

Usama Gul says:

Hi ! Brother your dishes are awesome. Great love from Pakistan 🇵🇰👍🇨🇳⛩️🍜🥡🍡

Paulo Olegario says:

Wow very nice 😊

hu kouj says:


hasan ali says:

I would eat it in before refrigerator 😄

Sam Nava says:

i will cooke this ocationaly

Tholi M says:

A whole day to cook chicken. I am too lazy for that.

Marion Smith says:

I love this recipe because its made easy and its taste tummy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpKX_k4v9Bw

Jambo Jet says:

Golden fry chicken 👌👌👌👌

juan dela cruz says:

xi jing ping is cooking chicken

Ý tuy Kpa says:

Chế biến món lợi này chắc chơ đói chết

Sashi Lemla says:

We never add sugar in our veg or meat prep

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