Valentine’s Day Recipe-Pecan Turtles & Chocolate Dipped Bacon??!! (Cooking With Carolyn)

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Check out these easy and quick candy recipes for your loved one’s, you can make them any time of the year! It’s easy to make and even easier to eat. And yes, I’ve got chocolate dipped bacon…trust me it’ll hit quite a few of your taste buds. It’s smoky, salty AND sweet… Enjoy!

Ingredients Yield: 12-14 Turtles

•10 Ounces Caramel Candy Squares (about 35 pieces)
•5 Ounces Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate, chopped
•6 Ounces Roasted Pecan Halves, unsalted
•2 Tablespoons Heavy Cream
•Cooking Spray


In one double boiler over simmering water, melt the chocolate. In another double boiler over simmering water, melt the caramel with the heavy cream. Using separate spoons, stir the chocolate and the caramel until melted.

Meanwhile, arrange the pecan halves in small piles about 2 to 3 inches in diameter on a piece of parchment paper or wax paper. Using a teaspoon sprayed with a minimal amount of cooking spray, scoop and pour the caramel over each pile of pecans. (Note: You can also use a butter knife to guide the caramel onto the pecans.) Allow the caramel to set up for about 10 minutes.

Next, using another small spoon, scoop and pour the desired amount of melted chocolate over each turtle. Refrigerate the candies for about 5 to 10 minutes, just until the chocolate sets. Store the candy at room temperature in an air tight container.

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Santucci Pontarelli says:

Carolyn is so cool 😎 as she cooks 👨‍🍳

19brandon66 says:

great video…

absolutely adonis says:

Great!!! Can you make New Orleans Pecan Candy? Not Praline Candy. I would love a good step by step Pecan Candy recipe!!!

sking3225 says:

So, what do I do if I want chocolate on the bottom too?  Thanks!

sking3225 says:

Girl…what don't you make!!  You are my go to for savory foods and desserts…but I put "chocolate turtles" in the search field and up popped this video, so you know I clicked on yours first!!

ANGEliitA PEREZ says:

I just discovered your channel and I love it!!!!I am totally going to try this

Karen Conine says:

Makes me want to eat them now, how ever anyone pronounces them :)) You say it like I do.

Marie Booze says:

just found you site..lovely. .these turtle look amazing. I think I might add crumbled bacon to the top of my turtles. happy v-day..marie from Canada

evelyn jones says:


Gabs Huerta says:

Mmmmm! Yum!

OMG Becky says:

My favorite!

CookingWithCarolyn says:

LOL, Ok here's what you do, just tell him, "Here ya go ( a few pieces) and don't ask again…until next year." Will he buy it?

CookingWithCarolyn says:

I know right! LOL Just a taste of some of the "bacon" frenzy that seems to be sweeping the nation. A little once a year won't hurt.

CookingWithCarolyn says:

Keep them in an air tight container at room temp. I had some last about 10 days or less.

rozmoz says:

Lol chocolate dipped meat!

LUCY LEE says:

OMG! Came for the turtles and got Chocolate dipped bacon. That's my son's 2 most fave foods- chocolate and bacon! . debating if I should make it. Afraid he's gonna ask for it everyday, but will definitely try, the turtles too. Thanks!

skylar down says:

I made some with Rolos and pecans

CookingWithCarolyn says:

I was using what I had on hand. You can also use a good dark or milk chocolate like Ghirardelli. They sell their chocolates in the major grocery stores.

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