VEGAN Chocolate Cake Recipe – DAIRY FREE Chocolate Cake Recipe

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VEGAN Chocolate Cake Recipe – Egg Free – Milk Free
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vinegar and NO baking soda here:

This is a VERY OLD DAIRY-FREE chocolate cake recipe.
I did NOT make this recipe, and I advise you to read below BEFORE
starting this recipe.

This is an old recipe and technique that goes way back, it’s an easy
recipe and it also contains NO eggs and NO milk.


This is a very old recipe that was used 50 years ago, it contains vinegar, and it CAN be overwhelming in this recipe.
You may encounter a “sour” taste.

Many of you will find the recipe OK, but many find it sour.

Some of you will be curious to how people make this cake many years ago and wish to try it.
You can lower the amount of vinegar and baking by half and try it this way.

►►►*** I HAVE MADE MY OWN REVISED recipe, and you can find it here:

It does NOT contain vinegar or baking soda *** So you may wish to try it instead.

If you are in doubt, just 1/2 the baking soda and vinegar amounts and try this one…. MIX WELL ! *** ◄◄◄

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Are you a mobile user ?
Here is the clickable link to the video recipe preview you saw at the end of this video:
Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe ! – Super Fudge Cake recipe

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CreeperQueen 360 says:

If you use self rising flour instead of baking soda do you still need vinegar?

Mallika Dhanashekar says:

Im trying to eat it through this video 😁

Mallika Dhanashekar says:

Omg its so tempting… Ur playing with ur ingredients ❤️

Mallika Dhanashekar says:

15 ml vinegar =__ grms baking powder ?? Bcz i dnt hav vinegar. I hav only baking soda and baking powder. Pls help me

Supreet kaur says:

Wht if i dont have baking soda

MC Kim says:

Is it fluppy or densed ?

Jyoti Varma says:

Superb..vegan cake ..can I use milk instead of water?

Gayatri Rao says:

So beautiful making right now for my daughters birthday thanks a lot

Tahseen Fathima says:

Is it a refrigerater cold water or else normal tap water plz rply

Yewande shadows says:

Chef! i baked this cake today, i used apple cider vinegar instead of white, brown sugar and 1 cup flour + 1/2 cup oat flour, 1/2 cup vegetable margarine, forgot to add vanilla and rest were your exact measurement ( including your revision in the description box). My cake was VERY sweet, too sweet but no one ever complains about the sweetness of a cake :) I can't relate to the people that said it was sour because mine was the extreme opposite. Thank you for this amazing recipe.

devya hudekar says:

plz tell the vegan vanilla sponge cake recipe

najma rani says:

Can baking soda make the cake sour…plz reply

hello Hello says:

I made your recipe, the cake is perfect! Thank you very much for sharing this with us, I really appreciate it :)

Harmandeep Sethi - Roberta Bondar PS (1516) says:

Very nice recipe.Good job!!!

MihaelaV68 says:

I wish more non-vegan people to see this cake, they always ask : what vegans eat ?

amal metwally says:

WOW!! Awesome!! That's really delicious 🌹🍭🍬

Vhielle Eliw says:

I tried this recipe and it comes out beautiful and tasty… thank for sharing this video..

lily g says:

yes it comes out moist, but it was VERY bitter. may have been the vinegar.

วิชญา แซ่ฉั่ว says:

Can i make for cupcake?

Masshole Shelley says:

Will this work with Gluten free flour?

Pooja Sonawane says:

Very nice recipe sir .. …..😊

Prasanna Thallapalli says:

Can I use substitute for venigar with lemon juice
How much of oil u use this recipe tell cup mezarments please

Ahmed Zaheer says:

I try it…

Fatma tube says:

can i use cocount oil without oil ?

Fatma tube says:

hello , the coca powder it is sweet or non sweet which one please ?

Christine Griffiths says: you have a vanilla cake vegan recipe please

Sariah Gresham says:

What were u talking about when u said "people who made this cake use to do this" what people? When?

Gurmantar Sunner says:

Just took it out the oven and when I cut it was all gooey

Gurmantar Sunner says:

Just put mine in the oven can't wait for the results

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