Vegan Cookie Recipes You NEED in Your Life!

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In today’s video we are making some super tasty vegan cookie recipes! The recipe links are below. I hope you enjoy this video! Cookies are my favourite recipe to bake and I always love coming up with new creations for you guys!

Candy Cane Cookies:
Eggnog Cookies:


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Alice Kukapa says:

For the candy canes, you could try putting them in a ziploc bag and smashing the bag with a rolling pin or something heavy (and safe!). Love your recipes btw! ☺️☺️

Donia Jabraouti says:

how did you grow your channel?

otgoldman Pink204! says:

Love it .ever since I have been a vegan it's been hard to make food but this is easy!!

Seynabou Lo says:

I just started following you last night but now im obsessed with ur videos and i really cant wait to try ur recipes 😻😻

Amanda Wei says:

an idea I just thought of for crushing candy canes without a mess is putting them in a bag and smashing them !

Angela Jones says:

Why did you just put the candy canes into a zip block bag and hit to break it down or put them in a blender

Operine Plak says:

i love both the angles

Haley Bombastic says:

try putting the candy canes in a bag and smashing them with a heavy object. then the chunks will stay in the bag

Jillian Michelle says:

Does anyone know of any vegan chocolate I can buy at Giant or Safeway??

Jillian Michelle says:

I’m totally making the chocolate ones for my boyfriend (and me) tomorrow!! Thanks so much for the amazing recipes.

Jazman Smith says:

Man. This is so impressive. I'm not vegan but I made the chocolate cookie bar things of yours. Were you this good at baking when you weren't vegan???

Heather Harris says:

Where did you get that mug?!!

Ynad says:

I really like some of your recipes, but do you have to be so goddamn annoying about telling us to subscribe? First you show us visually in the intro and then tell us in the beginning AND the end of the video. We're not braindead morons who can't think for themselves. If I want to subscribe, I will, trust me. You don't have to remind me three times. I'm sure most people here don't have dementia yet.

Lu says:

you can put the candy canes on a bag and hammer them.

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