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Vegan Living says:

Thanks so much for this video Gaz! I've tried a lot of your recipes and they are always packed full of flavour, creative and such a pleasure to eat! Love the aesthetic of your videos, wishing you all the best for your restaurant, can't wait to go when you open! 😀

rorodynamite says:

Thank you Gaz for the wonderful videos. How long can you actually keep the meals in the fridge?

LaToya Lee says:


Caio says:

i love how you pronounce acai "assAi" and not "assaI" the way its sponken in portuguese

Miles Everitt says:

I am really interested in turning to a vegan diet but I am trying to figure out if it's possible to have a low carb/ high protein diet whilst being vegan, I understand it may be hard due to beans are a main source of protein for a vegan but they are also really carb rich! If anyone could help me out it would be appreciated!

Chief Ebans says:

I have been eating a vegan based diet for two weeks. Is it common to feel lethargic, bloated and run down during the transition? The foods are proving difficult to consume in moderate quantities, and while digesting, each meal causes a degree of tiredness. At present, I mainly eat oats, soya, nuts, syrup, bananas, chickpeas, tomatoes, kidney beans, corn, rice, pasta, peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes and onions. These foods are perceived as much healthier options compared to previous dietary choices but the effect is unpleasant. Any advice would be welcome.

Nedi Kate says:

Just made the Black Bean stew and oh my goodness, my tastebuds!!! So yum!!! This will be a regular, thank you :-)

Blixten says:

People always overestimate how much protein you need. A high level amateur or athelte (8+ hrs training a week) need 1.3-2 g of protein per kg bodyweigh. That's about 140 g protein per day for a person of 70 kg weight. It's easy to get 140 g protein in just "normal" food. Like 100g of uncooked pasta is 12g protein. Also, protein has the most environmental impact, red meat is ofc the worst in this regard. So eating "too much" protein is unescecary and adds an extra weight on the environment. Just something to consider for all the people out there who are concerend about the environment. :)
Source: Linda Bakkman, PhD Medicine, MSc Nutrition and the nutritionist for the Swedish Olympic team.

GreenBoy at GA Farms says:

Vegan an old Indian word which means bad Hunter

GreenBoy at GA Farms says:

That looks like what I feed my Hogs I don't think I'll ever be that hungry

Shelley J says:

maybe calm down a wee bit with all that oil. for flavour it isn't essential and your body is healthier without it

Martin Jr says:

Wow to much for me good luck vegans!

Cindy Amador says:

I would travel so far just to try your cooking

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