Vegan Recipes In Under 20 Minutes

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Got the cravings but don’t have a lot of time? Merle’s got you covered with these quick and delicious vegan recipes!

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The Virtual Traveler says:

I've been kinda missing Aries Kitchen. I just discovered this channel. It's not the same, but It will work as a substitution. I mean substitution is what veganism is all about anyway, right?.

Evelyn bLUSH Maldonado says:

The grilled cheese could have been more like a tuna sandwich look tasty omggg! I want to try still feel super intimidated with cooking all vegan y’all!!!

Bri B says:

She’s really sweet & need to try the mug cake!! I have to say though .. the “pizza”:(

No .. it made me sad

H K says:

Pls post the measurements and recipes!!

gisselle ortiz says:

Where are the measurements for these recipes?

Olga Sophie Kauppinen says:

All it is is vegetables oils, sugar and refined carbs… no nutritional value. 🙊 fake foods made in a microwave. Damn.

Shreyas C T says:

🇮🇳🇮🇳 Subscribe HOLY FOOD KITCHEN for still good recipes friends
Especially for INDIAN SPICY RECIPES 😋😋😋

Maddie puccia says:

Goodful needs to come out with a cookbook

Ray Chuang says:

Make burgers out of cauliflower

Animesh Das says:

Merle looks so much like Robin from how I met your mother.

Brittany McMillen says:

But where are the written recipes? There’s no link to a blog 😭

Jennilee Creates says:

Measurements would be awesome :)

Prabha Sam says:

Quantity please

Tricia says:

Classic BuzzFeed reposting medley videos for clicks, but hey- hopefully these recipes are still helpful to people!


This video hits different and the quality is out of this world. 75

Alana Romero says:

I would love a soy free vegan series

Barbara Jentes says:

Am I missing the measurements somewhere? How do I find the measurements?

Moon says:

Hey where’s my intro

M M says:

Now I miss my easy bake oven 😪

Alexxis Dixon says:

What are the measurements of all of the recipes ?😭😭😭😭

mjopi says:

I wish we had the ingredients for the grilled cheese!!

Samuel Wong says:

Hi Merle,

Can we have more over the stove recipes or refridgeratied recipes that do not require blender, microwave or oven?

royaldainties says:

I'm a vegan and even me is tired of vegans always having repeat that it's vegan.. WE KNOW!!!! it says already in the title and we searched for recipes..

Make Peas Not Beef says:

Great video! Does a microwaved cookie taste the same as an oven-baked cookie? 🤔

Therese Margaret Jovellana says:

i’m not even vegan but the fact these recipes are from 2-10 mins is 🧑‍🍳💋✨✨👌🏼

Idontknow says:

Ah thats more my speed 😌

Jillie says:

Yay! It's my gerle Merle!

Chad Sahinkaya says:

Firstly, I am a huge fan of the channel and love the content. I have been eating vegan for two years now and this channel has been very entertaining and even has helped me find new recipes. I’m all for the promotion of veganism and sustainability but promoting coconut oil and white bread as healthy is irresponsible. No disrespect just my honest opinion, keep up the great work!

Kim Thomas says:

Where do you post the recipes? If love to try them. ☺

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