Weber Kettle grilled bacon filled pork loin

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Plus yams modified with old fashion kettle cooked yams cane syrup and BBQ beans

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Jon says:

I dig products powered by a mule.

DangitBobby says:

Yum, gonna have to keep my eye out for one of them bacon poke tenda loins

Greg Phillips says:

Been playing with sous vide for the last month and man is that good BTW I am cooking my pork loin at 148 deg for 3 hours " med to med well" and then I sear it in a blazing hot cast iron skillet on all sides …..steak is great this way BTW cant sear on grill to cold out. Here is some updated cooking temps for pork

craigstowing says:

Another fine meal …

I'm Charming says:

JB how do I buy your products nowadays!?

artist92543 says:

Gulf Shores Alabama, been there several times great place to catch red fish.

Karin Adler says:

JB you sure do make me laugh!

426 SUPER BEE says:

OMG LMAO fresh out to the can poke an beans pork is aways good, Like the Thick center cut pork chops Love to smoke grill them on the PIT MAN with lots of onion peels on the coals, some time i even cut up a whole onion, to put on the coals or racks if i want to eat some There telling me! it season a new pit better too! SMOKE ONION PEELS i can see that> i always use them

Chub Texas says:

Why not just get regular beans instead of that nasty beans in syrup. I’m confused.

One Crowing Rooster says:

Cant wait to try it. Thanks JB.

1WickedAngel1 says:

"Quit dickin' off boy!!"😂 I almost pissed myself when you said "Quit dickin' off!!"😂 Food looks delicious 👅 💦 boy ! Take care boy ! 💙

Kristy Smythers says:

Another great video. .u rock…

Tomcat84 says:

Time for a 2019 sauce piquante video boyyy!! With pops! Pork loin looks good, havent seen it like that with the bacon here in east tx

bdwilcox says:

Smithfield along with its other brands (Eckrich, Farmland, Armour, John Morrell, Kretschmar, Curly’s, Carando, Cook’s, Margherita, Gwaltney, & Healthy Ones) was acquired by China's Shuanghui Group in 2013. They can keep their pork.

R L says:

Great looking food ! 👍👍

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

that some good syrup. I have had it before we used to get it once a year from a relative for Christmas

Cynthia Thomas says:

Looks like a great meal to me!! Love good food !!

lysippus says:

hi JB. good to see you using the old weber kettle. some reason pork cops and tenderloin has been really dry & tough last few years. ( also the 4312's still STRONG.)

Minorca Home Solutions says:

Your doing great Keep it up 👍

Freethinker says:

I feel like I'm trained to spot the word bacon in my subscription feed. <3

Reginald Smith says:

Looks good to me

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