What I Ate in a Week at MY VEGAN CAFE (SaVeg Cafe – Calgary, Canada)

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In this video, I’m showing you guys WHAT I ATE IN A WEEK as a VEGAN at my own VEGAN CAFE! Yes, I co-own a vegan cafe in Calgary, Alberta, Canada called SaVeg Cafe. I decided to eat at the cafe for one week (or 6 days) and only at the cafe to showcase some of our delicious food. It really wasn’t difficult to eat there every single meal cause I genuinely love our food so much! If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t sell it, that is FOR SURE (Koreans got too much pride, you know what I’m sayin).

SUBSCRIBE and STAY TUNED for part 2 of this video where I will talk about the story of our cafe and how we opened it as well as the frequently asked questions. I was going to add it in this video but then, it would be WAY too long.

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/savegyyc
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/savegyyc
Website (with menu) – http://www.savegcafe.ca

♡ Korean BBQ (bulgogi) sauce recipe – https://youtu.be/-s0CL1-kmMw
♡ Vegan Kimchi Recipe (my mama’s!) – https://youtu.be/PuLPYIzFUOY

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Liz Shiver says:

Booking my trip to Calgary… 😏

Marli L says:

Everything looks amazing

tWindLeday says:

Your cafe looks amazing!

Shanna Red says:

oh my gosh! I want to eat all this in one sitting! I wish you were in the states :)

Rowena van der Colff says:

Will definitely visit the next time we are in Calgary, all the food looks fab! Would you ever consider having brown rice on your menu as an option? I know traditionally white rice and Korean dishes are a match made in heaven, but we just recently, and really easily sprouted some brown rice (for rejuvelac to make some vegan cheese) We hadn't realised that it is actually a seed, so we are now always on the look out for brown rather than processed white rice options. Love your channel, thank you!

X X says:

your food looks absolutely delicious !

Jette Oppelt says:

Can you please make a café chain out of this so they are everywhere all around the world?😂 I want to go there so bad but I‘m from Germany 😢

melou dee says:

If we can have this type of cafe/resto everywhere McDonald's stand… Most if not all will be Vegan 😣

Chrisie Lewandowski says:

Your food looks great! I’m in the U.S. though, bummer. Your merchandise is adorable, I love it.

Larissa H says:

Come to Berlin! o/

Annie's Vegan Journey says:

OMG! Your restaurant menu is amazing! ❤😋 Wish I could eat like that everyday!

patty 8873 says:

Now I’m curious about the secret ingredient in your bibimbap sauce! Tahini? Peanut butter? I also notice you use a lot of tofu in the recipes. Do you ever use tempeh?

patty 8873 says:

I can’t even find a Korean restaurant near me, much less a vegan one! I’m ready to book a flight to Calgary. I’m serious!

Kana N says:

I wish you and your mom could spread into two and make a branch in Tokyo 😂 I need that japche and banana bread right now!!

Linda Bluth says:

I want this no egg benny so bad :(

Jennifer M says:

Going there for lunch tomorrow yummy 😋

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