What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan (Recipe Ideas!)

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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Smoothie (didn’t measure… just follow your heart):
frozen banana + oat milk + cinnamon + chocolate chips + protein powder

Lunch (didn’t measure… just follow your heart):
quinoa + mushrooms + garlic + onion + tahini + coconut aminos + nutritional yeast + salt and pepper + lemon juice

Dinner: https://itslivb.com/2019/11/09/meatball-pasta-bake/

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Fairwind says:

so basically all you eat is sugar, empty carbs, chemicals and a bunch of foods that are indigestible. On top of that everything you do is to imitate meat. If you naturally crave meat and cheese, eat it. This is the farthest thing from a natural or healthy diet.

Natural Bean says:

I used the beyond meat patties to make vegan stuffed peppers awhile back! I want to make an updated recipe on it soon. but I made a video on how to do it :) https://youtu.be/fOr3LLIZZo0

Abandoned Mountain says:

oooooooooffff wooooooffff woooooffff i lovezzz to eat that smoothie and pasta bake every secondzzz mmmmmmm yazzzzzzzz ooooffffffff 😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛😍😛💞💚💚💚👅💦🍝🥧🍅🌶🍋🍄🌾🌰🥛🥥🍌🍫💦👅💚💚💚💞

Joan Borup says:

Looks so yummy. Will defenately try. Thanks 😄

Lizete Carapinha says:

Where did you get the pot you made the quinoa in?

Sarah Matthews says:

I only use native deodorant it's the best!

J. H. says:

Walnuts or toasted pine nuts would be good in the quinoa. 🥰

allydanielle329 says:

do you buy or adopt your animals?????

Dani George says:

That pasta looks so yummy! I'm hungry now! I wish beyond meat was available in my country. :(

Alissa M. says:

These recipes look great! 😍

Megan Wilson says:

I love quinoa lately, I have to try that lunch!!

mkdiq says:

What protein powder do you use?

钟辰乐王 says:

im not vegan and this may be a stupid question but do your puppies eat meat?

Cat Tricks says:

God. All these hygiene products marketed as "natural" are hilarious, but also peeve me to no end. Natural by dictionary definition is "existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind". So the obvious conundrum is where do they find all these wild deodorants and antiperspirants.

dimplestoomany says:

I used beyond meat burgers as smothered onion gravy patties, taco meat, taco soup (delicious), spaghetti and now I am going to try a casserole dish – my goulash with cornbread baked on top.

Ruby Vazquez says:

They make beyond ground meat now. You can only buy it at Whole Foods at the moment. 😜

Gabi B says:

Your pups are so cute ! ❤️

Hanna Walters says:

Hey Liv 💗 What brand of cookware do you use? I'd like to upgrade my set and yours look so beautiful and high quality!
Love from Wisconsin 🤗❤❄

tae tae says:

why do some vegans not eat soy?? like why the aminos and not the soy sauce?

SWIC rt says:

You say pasta weird.

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