WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Dairy & Gluten Free Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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Hello friends! Welcome back or welcome to my channel :)
When I posted a video a few weeks ago sharing my initial experience seeing a naturopath you guys were super interested in seeing a What I Eat in a Day for my current Gluten and Dairy Free Diet, or my Anti-Inflammatory Diet. This Dairy Free What I Eat in a Day is a very in depth look at to what I’ve been eating like these past few weeks and I hope you find it helpful if you’re looking for new healthy food ideas! I know I’ve shared numerous What I eat in a Days on this channel focusing on different “diets” per say and I just wanted to note that this is simply just what I am currently eating for my body to help me figure out my triggers and intolerances. I am by no means encouraging you to eat this way, or any specific way in these videos. I’m just being open and honest about what I’m doing for myself and it’s been really great to have some professional guidance and I wanted to share my experience.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet (My supplements chat etc) https://youtu.be/ysI_wLkntOY

What I Eat in a Day Playlist: https://bit.ly/3275ssK

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Khloe Frisina says:

Yes omg I’m so glad I found this video. I’ve never found someone that eats like me !

Healthy Taste Of Life says:

I've been eating gluten free and dairy free for more than 5 years now, and I can tell for sure that sometimes even if you cut certain categories of food it's not going to help much. The best way to do it – is completely avoid packaged foods, as they often contain additives and cross-reactive ingredients (gums, flavors, seasonings, preservatives, sulfites, modified starches, and other GMO derived ingredients which damages your intestinal flora). Personally for me, cooking from scratch helped me identify exactly what I was reacting to. A whole30 diet is the best way to start, then you can gradually convert to your own personalized diet.

nicole ley says:

Hey love, Where did you get the coffee machine?

Angelina Bublik says:

Malk Oatmilk is organic, gum-free, and gluten-free! And it only has 3 ingredients: water, oats and salt. It tastes really good too. I love their almond milk too but have lately been wanting oatmilk:) I get mine at Whole Foods but the Malk website has a really good store locator where they sell their products.

ghufran ali says:

Just curious ! What are ur symptoms anf have they improved ?

Raquel SG says:

I’m doing a lowcarb (kinda keto) lifestyle and IF (no dinner as I notice I sleep better if I don’t have dinner). If I may ask how was your keto experience? Are you changing your woe because of digestive issues? Thank you and greetings from Spain.

Sabrina Kashif says:

I found out I can't eat dairy

faye Jenkins says:

I been diagnosed with celiac and just need help with meal ideas xx

Majda Asfouri says:

Love you from morocco

Dani says:

What's the supplement she put you on for your acne?

Jamison Seaton says:

Most oat milk is gluten free. Oats are gluten free period the only time oats aren’t gluten free is if they are made in the same factory

Sam H says:

Coffee is an inflammatory

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