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Hey mamas. Today i’m sharing ‘What I Eat In A Day’! This is a dairy free and gluten free day, and so yummy if I do say so myself. :)
Check out the Raw Juices: https://goo.gl/LrdjVh

Meal Planning I Use: http://bit.ly/2e3lu09

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FTC Disclosure- This video was sponsored by The Fountain of Juice.

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Trisha Meloling says:

I want the ranch dressing recipe! And the avocado spread recipe

Raven De'aira says:

This looks soooooo good!!

Healthy Taste Of Life says:

Everything looks delicious, I hope you can tolerate well fruit combined with meat, I always end up with a bloated stomach :(

Giselle Magloire-Pinard says:

your energy is amazing!

Cece B. says:

Do you have a blog for the recipes? I sooo want to try the lettuce avocado mango chicken 😍😍

MamaRebbyO says:

I didn't know you all are in PDX! We just moved from Portland to Bend in July, but luckily we are still close enough to visit! :)

Melissa Pinilla says:

aw man, that meal planner was a good idea. they don't offer vegan or plant-based option. :(

sirinya sudthangtum says:

Red pork with rice and boil egg is called kaow moo dang.

koge says:

I read somewhere that its not good to freeze plastic bottle, which can lead to cancer. I think the fresh juice concept is nice but not frozen please

Brooke Pleasant says:

Love these simple video! It's always nice to get inspiration for meal planning. I honestly hate it and dread making up meals for the week.

Kranzinator28 says:

those spoons are available at whole foods

Faith Mom Life says:

That all sounds so good! I can't wait to check out platejoy. Thanks for the suggestion!

bamsmom2001 says:

That all looks yummy! Would you mind sharing the recipe for that sauce you made with the lettuce wraps? It looks great!

meowlizzuh says:

Also Mango island mama is another vegan mama! She cloth diapers and js zero waste as well! Come to the dark side! We have vegan cookies 😂💗

meowlizzuh says:

You literally live in the vegan Mecca of the world! Going vegan is one of the easiest ways to truly be zero waste and not contribute to all of the pollution that comes from the animal agriculture industry. Not to mention how healthy and cheap it is! It sounds like you are concerned with animal welfare when you talked about the seagulls from plastic island ingesting plastic. Just align your ethics with your actions and it will be amazing! There are tons of amazing vegan YouTube channels on here like legit nutrition Hawaii and so many others. Also on Netflix watch Forks over Knives ( health aspect of veganism), cowspirasy ( for the environmental aspect) , and here on YouTube earthlings is free to watch for the ethics aspect.

familypeacelove says:

I'm so with you on the rain. Autumn is my favourite season x

Everyday I'm BRUSSELIN' says:

I miss Oregon! We might move back next year. We are a military family so we never know. Thanks for sharing your family :)

B R I says:

yummm. this all looks so good!

OMG i wanted to go to that yogurt place SO badly the last time we visited but we didn't get a chance to. i can't wait til we get to come back to portland. we're actually planning a move up there in a few years (hopefully). it's crazy how many natural and organic food places there are. i mean we live in a pretty "progressive" area in orange county but the options here are few and far between.

The Joyful Mom says:

Everything looks so delicious! That juice looks really good!

Katlyn Palmer says:

I love your videos! and im glad your husband made it back home safe!

Britney Darlene says:

Would love the name of the ice cream shop I am gluten free and am always looking for good gluten free options. I travel to portland for work about once a month and love a good ice cream shop. Also if you know of any other GF places that would be great!

Celena's Life says:

Love your videos❤️

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