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Today I’m sharing what I eat in a day! Everything included is not only dairy free, but gluten free as well. I hope this gives you some healthy food / meal planning inspiration & maybe some healthy new meals to try. I like to stick to whole foods as much as possible, and I love to stick to quick, simple meals for our family. Let me know if you’d like to see more of these What I Eat In A Day style videos- they are fun to make!

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Healthy Taste Of Life says:

It's definitely a challenge to nurse on a GF/DF diet but it's totally doable. I had to go through this myself as my baby reacted with eczema every time I touched "the culprit" foods, I also had to stay away from sugary foods and eggs :(

Awesomeness says:

I have been Coeliac/gluten free since as long as I can remember but now I’m going to start being dairy free for 3 weeks to see if that’s what is causing my eczema. I’m nervous

LindsAy with Attitude says:

Went onto plate joy, said i was allergic to mangoes…got a bunch of recipes with mango. :-/

The Wacko Green Alien 1212 says:

Iv recently been told by my doctor that It would be benificial to my health to go Gluten and Dairy free but Im vegitarian and my parents are wurried that I wont have anything to eat and I will become deficient in something. Any suggestions guys?

Faye Lynch says:

I cannot have Gluten

JensBigBlend says:

When making your smoothies what liquid do you generally add? I'm a nursing mom as well and my daughter has quite a few allergies. I have a hard time finding new things to try without upsetting her stomach or giving her flare ups.

Jim N Linz Vlogs says:

How do u cook your broccoli on the stove top

Two Weirdos With Kiddos says:

That's funny, I always have my protein shake for breakfast cause I never have time to sit. I have "breakfast" for lunch. I do sometimes have a mid day snack, depending on what time we will eat dinner that day. But that tea sounds AMAZING!

Our (the 4 of us, not the baby) dietary restrictions are peanut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and VERY low processed cane sugar. We might be trying a low gluten diet for me and my daughter as well to see if we have a sensitivity to it because we both always feel the same way when we eat a lot of it….the boys can eat it all day long and NOTHING. LOL

Jenny Penrod says:

Wow, that tea looks cool! Yes, I've got food restrictions – so many… I'm allergic to pineapple, walnuts, & wheat. I think corn, too, cuz I always feel awful if I have even slight amounts of any form, even corn starch & corn syrup. My doctor has me off white potatoes, white rice & white sugar. Too much dairy, especially milk triggers eczema patches on my face 😭😳😩. For health reasons I completely avoid soy, canola and other things I call non/plastic-foods, too. LOL I don't eat a lot of packaged foods – I basically eat paleo, plus occasional legumes, & a little grain & dairy (aka primal).

Ericaandfam says:

those are some great ideas!

Mekinzi Lewis says:

Define "dietary restrictions". For medical/health reasons, I have none. But I am vegetarian for ethical reasons, and while I'm not full vegan, I do eat very limited dairy/eggs i.e. only if it's part of another food like a baked good or casserole or something. I can't stand milk, lol.

Pavlína G. says:

I think that your meals look great :-) Every meal was nice and simple.

Kyla O'Rourke says:

I love your What I Eat videos! Make more please.

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