What I Eat in a Day (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)

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What I Eat in a Day (Gluten Free, Diary Free, Vegan). Just a friendly reminder that I did this video because it was requested and I recently just started eating A LOT better than how I used to eat. Am I the healthiest person in the world? 100% NOT! HAHA! I am also not recommending you eat gluten, diary and meat free. Just thought I’d share this video because I LOVE you guys and I share everything with you!

Let me know if you guys have any questions! :)

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Reed A says:

I must say you’re so pretty and smart and seem very kind!


What foods do i eat i want to go on a dairy free diet ?

Kathy Cooper says:

I loved the video. But have question… What would you do if you get sick from drinking water. I can have a little like if taken a pill. But to drink it like you should I get sick.

Tiffany Augustina says:

New subscriber here 👍🏼. I also hit the notification 🛎 (: I really enjoyed this video, thanks for sharing :)

Deja says:

the psl syrup isn't vegan, it contains dairy :( in the u.s. at least

Sara Drobnica says:

I love this! I hate cooking because I feel like it’s such a waste of time (especially after a busy day)… and after years and years of awful stomach problems, one of the things I found out is that I’m severely lactose intolerant, and I’ve never really liked meat a lot so I’m trying out the vegan thing too. You should make more of these videos and add some quick + easy vegan recipes ☺️

Juliana Abate says:

I love that green tea! It is my favourite 😍

Levres et Rouges says:

Girl, the Starbucks part had me in tears!!!! 🤣Sometimes we need moments like that to keep us humble and remember that we're humans after all… Too bad your guy friend wasn't able to help you finish the dubsmash/lipsync makeup voiceover. Hopefully it will be ready before Thanksgiving I'm looking forward to that one. From the description, it looks like he will be guessing your formal prices as well! Lots of great content coming up!

Marissa says:

great vid!! I am by NO means a strict healthy eater, but where else does she get her protein besides the meatless meatballs?

Paige Lillibridge says:

So you drink one gallon of water a day? How is that, because ive been considering doing this lol

Paige Lillibridge says:

Omg i died at the starbucks part 😂😂 great video :)

Katie Marks says:

I always love all your videos! Also I love tea so much! I would recommend lady grey tea for bagged tea. I usually do loose leaf but bagged is good too. Love you💕

Gabriel Blondet says:

ayee healthy life haha :)

Jenna Maria says:

“diary free” in the title, but isn’t this a… food diary?
(I’m sorry I’m just tryna be funny)

SimplyZeyma says:

Peach tranquility tea from Starbucks is my fave!!

Flavia Pereira says:

Notification squad!! I’m trying to go vegan so this will definitely help. Is bf does my voiceover coming this weekend? ❤️❤️😘

Sam Marie says:

You're so funny! 😂 Love this!!

coco Este says:

This vid is so cute😊

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