what I eat in a day: low carb & high protein

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hello beautiful people!
first of all, I hope you are all doing well during this difficult time and I just want to know I am here for any of you that want to chat!

I am so excited to be finally in the groove of using my health and fitness instagram again, and I have decided to make this my primary instagram. you can follow it @kelaniahealth.

health and fitness is something I have always been so passionate about and I want to share all of it with you guys, the good, the bad, and the ugly stuff. I’m also about to start my journey to being a personal trainer and I am so stoked to finally have the time to do this!!!

today’s what I eat in a day is a little different and I have definitely been switching up my diet. If you do not agree with low carb, guess what, I don’t either lol, I love my carbs! although carbs really irritate me and make my SIBO flare up, so this is what I am sticking with for now.

I hope you enjoyed the video and let me know if you make anything in here!

love you guys sm,

instagram – @kelanianastasi @kelaniahealth
twitter – @kelanianastasi
vsco – kelanianastasi
spotify – keeelaniii

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Aisha S says:

You have a resemblance to Kendall Jenner

AW says:

that starbucks blonde bottle coffee is the worst lol it taste like water smh idk…if i have to drink bottled ones i go for STOK its really good..that one and califa farms xxxpresso..love your meal ideas by the way!


How do you know how many calories you’re burning?!? Are you using a Fitbit?!

Heather says:

I needed this! Gonna try some of your meals! Lots of love from the Philippines 💖

Quineisha Huggins says:

Sound like me with my dog! He's a big baby!! "Why are you crying"😣

exploring life says:

You have no muscles on your body what’s the point of high protein

Blaccgirlsmatter says:

Why can’t you do garlic?

Fia Stephen says:

Hiye just watched your video enjoyed it a lot ….. need to ask you couple of questions

1. Is banana ok to eat in lchp and the soft white bread ?
2. Can I use brown rice in low carb high protein diet ?
3. If I don’t have air fryer can I shallow fry the radishes ?

Gabriela Liendo says:


Ottavia Zwillenberg says:

What's your fav catalina crunch flavor. Just tried the cinnamon toast one and am in love

earth alaska says:

what is your daily carb intake? are you eating a certain amount per day? are you doing it to lose weight?

The Raw Egg Files says:

Lemon water is known to damage teeth because of the acid.

Stfu Marj says:

Hey doll how do you get your nut butter so spreadable I have hard time spreading it on my toast

Kylie Aaliyah says:

yay i love finding other youtubers that eat low car/high protein! i started keto almost a month ago and im loving it! love love your channel, just subscribed!

Olivia Horner says:

blonde roast (or light roasts) actually have more caffeine than a darker roasts!

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