WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Low-Fat Vegan Meal Ideas! ( 17 )

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Hi Guys! I’m Melissa and in this video I’m showing you everything I eat in a day as a vegan (mostly low-fat, healthy meals). I make these videos to show you that being vegan is easy and you can enjoy lots of delicious meals without restricting your calories. If weight loss is your goal, eating filling, low-fat vegan meals can help you lose weight easily while still feeling satisfied and full!

Thanks for watching and I hope you have a beautiful day!

xx Melissa

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Amber Holbrook says:

thank you! Love the food ideas and music!!

Adriana Suhul says:

you really inspire me, Melissa God bless you

Veni Vidi Amavi says:

love this, so soothing with hose oatmeal visuals I could just fall asleep 😭😂

LittleLulubee says:

Thank you 🌸 And your hair is beautiful, it looks very 70's- era

Agnes Wills says:

How do you whiten your teeth? Or how do you keep them white?:))

Cartoon B says:


sandra tsouchnika says:

lovely video melissa!!! thank you for sharing. Are u following McDougall's programme? because u mention coconut milk. I remember you were following him maybe I am wrong :) thank you love all the recipes and the inspiration!!!xxxx

Krista Ramos says:

Yay! Another what I eat video! You're so classy Melissa 😏

Sarah Studt says:

I don't watch asmr videos but I feel like your voice would be perfect for it? I always love your voiceovers!

ngocarina says:

Your hair is gorgeous!

Natalie Labarga says:

your hair looks amazing!

Gia P says:

Great video!! I love food videos featuring natural whole foods and lots of fresh produce. Thanks for the inspiration.

The Wild Gut Project says:

Beautiful video 🙌 I think the next video I film will be a Melissa-inspired what I eat in a day ☺️. If it's half as calming I'll be very happy 😌

Robin Johnson says:

Yummy looking meals

Lia Victoire says:

soo soothing! I like how you did the voice over! the music was really fitting as well! great work Melissa

Claire Sharbino says:

Your meals all looked wonderful 😊

Ally Babcock says:

Fat in your food does not equal body fat. Healthy fats are so necessary for digestion, brain health, your immune system and SO much more. I hate seeing people advocate for a low fat diet. Eating healthy fats are so important for your overall heath!

Araya Gronseth says:

I like these kinds of videos. Thanks Melissa for sharing what you eat in a day video. ^__^

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