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What I Eat In A Day + Must Try Vegan & Gluten Free Recipes!

Love Channon Rose

FTC LAW: This video was kindly sponsored by Thrive Market. All opinions are my own, as always.

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Aurora Rainbow says:

Greens !!!! 🌏

Lil Brio Hurd says:

It was posted on my birthday

Ayesha Sohail says:

You look so beautiful in the intro

Kathy Sally says:

She doesn't eat enough

Kelly Jeanne says:

i eat like 3 times this much everyday LOL

Kerilynn Evans says:

interesting stuff us at 3:30

Δ says:


Rachel Nicole says:

the gardein chicken tenders aren't gluten free fyi

Imari Meyer says:

Thanks for all the tips, I've been trying to eat more vegan! Check me out if you can c:

Melissa's Wurld says:

you hit 1 million I'm so happy! I've been subscribed to you since you were at 20,000 subs ilysm channon I hope for the best for you!

alali pop! says:

This video is really comforting to me for some reason and I've seen it at least 3 times already. Channon talking about food relaxes me for some reason 😂🙈😍

staaccy says:

did she go back to being vegan?? im a lil confused bc didn't she say she quit?

Leah Nicole says:

YOU ARE HAVING WAY TO MUCH SOY MILK!!! soy milk is bad for thyroid and can be a problem with having children!

sherocks54 says:

I love vegan essentials online store

Katie Smith says:

loved this! x

Beatrice Prior says:

Channon I hate to bother you at all but if you're trying to get pregnant soy milk is not a good ingredient to consume. I love u and your videos! Much love! 💕

Tom Brady says:

I eat less and she's still skinnier

storm h says:

I know you probably don't have to deal with this that often Channon, but do you have any tips on weight loss for someone who has really bad fluid retention? I'm trying to shed a few pounds for my graduation in two months around my stomach and upper arms. My birth control (the depo shot) causes me to bloat with literally everything i eat unless it's constant raw fruit or veggies. I can't have fish, dairy, bread, or anything cause it will make me look huge. I eat moderately healthy,take my vitamins, and do the elliptical. Just wish eating wasn't miserable for me. You are so beautiful and healthy, maybe you have some tips? I'd really appreciate it.

Dream work studios says:

Hello channon i just had to ask where did you get your plates i been looking for some like that for a long time now
-Thank you

PhoenixRising87 says:

You know what else is really great on vegan chicken sandwiches (if you've not tried it)? Salsa (it's great in place of ketchup if you run out).

tvbokor says:

Are you not concerned about drink soy milk? I'd suggest switching to almond milk instead

okayimmorgan says:

You should do a tutorial of how u do ur space buns!!

Vegan With Love says:

Yumm,that sandwich😍😍👅

lori says:

im watching this while eating an in n out burger, aha love you chan!

cultofrommani says:

Yay being vegan is so good for the planet and your health wooooo

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