What I Eat in a Day | Traditional Chinese Recipes

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Some of my favorite recipes growing up! Please like this video if you enjoyed it! #whatieatinaday #chineserecipes

Jenn’s Korean Recipes! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QEmFirDyjM&t=201s

Vlog channel | https://goo.gl/UmDnXE
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Shirley Wong says:

Can you do more of these kind of videos? They are very easy to follow! Thanks, Weylie!

Emily Xie says:

Omg!! Wok hei ! So true only Chinese people know what that means

Cynthia Mai says:

What type of fish filet did you use? I’m feeling inspired to Chinese food for my Filipino hubby 🤔

sodapop905101 says:

your comment about measurements and being chinese is too accurate lmao my mom says the same thing and laughed at me for wanting measuring cups to cook

chiantee rosete says:

I love the cookware that you used to cook the fish! Where is it from?

MillieLilly says:

I just moved out into my own apartment and I am SO happy you posted this. I need these recipes in my life! I grew up eating these but never knew how to make them. :)

MillieLilly says:

omg YumMMmmMAmmm!!!! The xo noodles!!!!!!!!!

Weylie Hoang says:

Sorry I forgot to mention in the video! The fish I used is tilapia!

Karen Xiao says:

100 % Cantonese wife material

Tameless Style says:

Hey Weylie, what kind of filet did you use??

Tameless Style says:

STEAMED FISH W/ SOYSAUCE N HOT OIL IS MY WEAKNESSSSS <3 Ugh thats such a great easy (millennial LOL) method!

Eima Naser says:

The first thing I noticed when I saw toh cutting the rice noodles were : wow they are shiny as hell

Abril Márquez says:

What time of fish did you use for the steamed fish? Maybe you said it and I totally missed it. Also, I loved Jenn's video! Hope you girls can share more recipes :)

Twee Eats says:

I say 99 ranch🤣 mannn I be grilling my mom about how she doesn’t measure stuff so she can’t send me recipes but when I cook I never measure either😅😅

deepa ramachandra says:

What does Michi eat in a day?

crazy Pikachu crcr says:


Cali Seoul says:

Love these family favorites of yours and your cooking videos!!

Stephanie Casper says:

I’ve been missing China and real Chinese food ever since I got back. I can’t wait to make this and reminisce about being there.

Kristen Branca says:

This has been one of my favorite videos!!

Delia X says:

I could smell the dishes from my screen!! 😋



AlicexTotoro says:

I feel like SoCal people say 99ranch while NorCal people say Ranch 99 😂

Ying Ye says:

Remind me of my mom's steam fish. lol.

Emma Shen says:

This was one of my fave videos you made! Love when you share your culture!

Yennstarz says:

Which section can you find the noodles at? Refrigerated?

COOK언니네 says:

간단하면서도 만들어볼 수 있는 레시피어서 넘 좋습니다♡♡
Looks so simple and delicious !!!

Jane S. says:

Is Taishan cauliflower different from regular cauliflower? I’ve never heard of that before!

nicol says:

Yuummmm! Thank you for this video! Where can I get that pan from? It's beautiful :)

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