What is Sattu | Chana Sattu Drink Jau Sattu Drink Benefits | Kunal Kapur Summer Drink Recipes सत्तू

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Sattu is a superfood made usually with roasted black chickpeas (kala chana) & is high on fibre & protein. I helps keep the body hydrated & helps in avoiding sun strokes. Consume sattu as a drink, a stuffing, in batter, with cereals or even use it in desserts. #Sattu #Superfood #DesiFood #KKitchen #KunalKapurRecipes
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Two crazy boys says:

How does it taste?

Dr Minhaj says:

sir u the best chef

Thakur Sahab says:

It has no good taste.

Mukesh goel BJP says:

Mint ki pati dalna


Thanks….. Nice Video

Ketki Siddhapathaki says:

Can we drink sattu shake everyday as our protien shake and can we add milk too

Archana Dutta says:

How interestingly u explain! I like n enjoy, thanks

Tinku Kumar Vlogs says:

Which timing drink satu shake a better result

Saurav Kr. Lal says:

Ye wo drink h jo meri Jaan bachata h Hostel m 😊😊

sid wid says:

Bihari energy drink bhaiya jee

Sunil Kumar Misra says:

Hats off to you chef… You made my day special. I drank first time and feeling fantastic. Fall in ♥️ with the drink.🙏

Pratiksha Gharat says:

Since it is high protien can we have this drink post workout and in all season or only in summer?

fairy gal says:

😂😂😂😂give us 1 glass u drinking both 😂😂

How To Cook With Look says:

love Sattu drink ❤️

Manish Singh says:

Very nice drink. Thank you kunal

anonymus mid says:

Ohh..ty I cum to know sattu

R K says:

If people want to buy pure chana sattu, go with Anup sattu, rest other brands available in shops are most of the times not 100% pure. Anup sattu is amazing.

status song says:

How to make juo

Roshni Kataria says:

how can we drink this??.. aate jesa taste nhi aaega??


kya sattu aur gram flour(besan) same hi hota hai?

inakshi kumari says:

Meri pahali Pasand "satu"

Sourav Dutta says:

Thande Pani Mai chinni itni jaldi kaise Gul jati hai ??? Not expected from you chef

Jitendra Kumar says:

Main to roj subah ek glass sattu pita hoon 😋

shimpy verma says:

Namaste sir isame pyaj,aur mirchi thoda sa milake pijiye mja aa jayega

Ayush Goyal says:

Kunal Sir agar hamaare paas mint nahi ho toh kya hum pudina daal sakte hai? Thankyou.

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