What to do with Leftover Halloween Candy?!

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Too much Halloween candy after trick or treating? Wondering what to do with leftover Halloween candy (instead of just eating it all)?

Try some DIY Halloween recipes to make fun NEW treats with your leftover candy, or there are tons of Halloween candy donation ideas that you can take advantage of!

I’ve got recommendations for what to do with Halloween candy and recipe ideas that can help use up leftover candy lying around the house. Plus, loads of fantastic organizations that welcome you to donate Halloween candy if you want to get it OUT of the house.

Simple solutions to make this a healthy Halloween for kids (or adults)!

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★ Healthy Halloween Treats & Tips BLOG https://bit.ly/2km1vwT

► Ronald McDonald Houses https://bit.ly/2uqNt0e
► Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Give Back https://bit.ly/2PazG7O
► Operation Gratitude FaceBook: https://bit.ly/2m37dUy
► Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops https://bit.ly/2m3nol1
► Dentist Office Halloween Buy-Back Locations https://bit.ly/1ByRtFZ
► Operation Stars & Stripes https://bit.ly/2k5AQnO
► Operation Shoebox https://bit.ly/1VPRh0I

Other Relevant Resources:
★ LOW CARB Halloween Candy https://youtu.be/fqs0ruXRpV0
★ 5 DIY Candy Recipes for Halloween https://bit.ly/2m1mjKu

RECIPES to use up leftover Halloween candy:
► NO BAKE SWEET & SALTY SNACK MIX https://bit.ly/2XpQys8
► DARK CHOCOLATE QUINOA BARK https://bit.ly/2lUu2K6
► MATCHA MACADAMIA COOKIES https://bit.ly/2kx57Mi
► PUMPKIN OATMEAL COOKIES https://bit.ly/2lBclz8
► HOMEMADE COSMIC BROWNIES https://bit.ly/2k1mHI7

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Mind Over Munch says:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What are you dressing up as? If you end up with leftover halloween candy (who doesn’t?)—you don’t NEED to toss it! You can use it or donate it and feel good about helping someone else without adding any waste. I hope this video helps! Let me know if you want more like it!


It's Halloween today and I am on a diet

Shonte Shields says:

Can adults use a pumpkin pail or a plastic bags to go trick or treating with kids to get some candy,about October 31st.

Tay Liggins says:

She talks to much not to be rude in telling the truth XD

Kat YT says:

Too bad no one has left over candy 🍭😭😂

Soon Wei Sow says:

Who else thought that this would be a cooking/baking video instead? Oh my🤣

Sarahmint 7395 says:

Yr costume is so cute

shortcake883 says:

I love my liver Munch but I don't get the point to this video who would ever have leftover Halloween candy

CodexPotter says:

Last year I reverse trick or treated, my neighbor broke her ankle and couldn't do anything festive because she could hardly walk. I knocked on her door so she could 'trick or treat' with the leftovers lol

Amber Richards says:

Love your hair!!

Adam Romero says:

Choo choo next stop my thighs!

陈安琪 says:

Welp, I didn't have leftover problem !

Probably becuz my country doesn't celebrate it( _| ̄|○)…

AJL says:

I love that you create content for all sorts of eaters and diets and that you dont shade one diet to the next. I've been watching your videos for a few years and will continue !

Wendy P says:

Thank you so much for this helpful video ⭐️

dtulip1 says:

LOL a what and what 😛

Although I do wish I was a better person and would do care packages.

Miserably eats candy in a corner while wishing they were a better person

DOOM says:

I just put mine in my desk at work. On Monday I'll release it to the masses. I couldn't keep it in my house over the weekend.

Amanda Stapley says:

I remember getting those packages on the ship. Literally boxes upon boxes full to the brim with old Halloween candy. I guess it's a nice gesture, we had way too much and after a while we couldn't figure out how to get rid of it either. Things kind of melt weird when sent through military mail too.

Kari Mullins says:

What about… Bringing Eat The Pizza back and make a calzone or something? I miss the pizza😭😭

Everything Food says:

Love this idea! 👏🏻🍁

Eve says:

LOL, I just now ate the chocolate my son saved for me while watching this cute video. :)

Jordan says:

These are all such great ideas. I never knew you could donate your candy! I love the military care package idea!

Richard Nguyen says:

You're sharing such great, realistic and achievable ideas! I love the idea of sharing it to others who may benefit/enjoy donations! Also really like sensible solutions like freezing candy. It is hard to have tempting sweets but we can still enjoy them in healthy moderation! Love it !!

Anna L says:

As soon I saw the title of the video, I was like, just eat it!

Martin Camilo says:

Best way to get rid of candy is to eat it 😋

Sarah Augustine says:

Burn it in the fireplace. Then clean out the flue.

Alice’s Tearoom says:

You’re awesome! Very underrated 😊

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