Whats the best Cajun Creole cookbooks

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The best ones I have plus some photos of the Louisiana Crawfish Festival http://www.louisiana-destinations.com/louisiana-festivals-events-2017.htm

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Sharon Coppy says:

my great grandma came from Quebec Canada and I remember her making French Meat Pies out of ground pork shoulder, they were delicious. do you have anything like that? she also made glee sonts not the right spelling. they were kinda like dumplings but weren't. glee sonts meant sliders. thanks I enjoy you're channel very much.

Paul F says:

Ha… you're way worse than me JB :-) I got rid of half my cookbooks years ago. Down to my last two dozen books. Wish I kept my CIA book though. Even have most my mom's old handwritten recipes. The paper and cards have yellowed but I was still able to scan them into my computer for my family.

Anonymoose says:

Some of my favorite cookbooks are the ones put together by local organizations, clubs, charities, and ladies' auxiliaries and such. You never know what treasure you'll find buried in one of them.

Ha! My Better Homes and Gardens cookbook was printed in 1965. My Mom gave it to me when I moved off campus and got my first kitchen. It's like the cooking bible, and since it's a hard cover 3 ring binder, I've typed up and added a lot of recipes of my own that I've collected over the years.

Sneak 66 says:

Amazon prime has River Road Recipes in spiral bound for $16.30 with 2 day shipping,

1WickedAngel1 says:

Another awesome video, thanks JB ! Your cookbooks are awesome ! I have a ton of cookbooks myself. I have a Better Homes And Gardens cookbook too, it's a paperback with a lot of good recipes. My favorite cookbooks are my Whittmans Chocolate Cookbook & my Taste Of Home Cookbooks ! Oh Yum JB, I love stuffed cabbage/cabbage rolls 😋.
Omg, I'd love to go to those festivals were you can eat seafood boils until your hearts content ! I wanna go ! It looks wonderful. I paused the video & was reading the menus lol Yum 😋 !
Thanks JB, You Rock !

Big Lew BBQ says:

Tony's seafood is one of the things I miss most about living in BR. River Road is definitely one of the best. Both sets of my grandparents loved the River Road, both sets lived in Broadmore. I now possess both of the River Road's that belonged to my maternal and paternal grandmothers.
Great informative video.

Banter says:

I stayed at a Hotel there (Beaux Bridge) once and they
stole my credit card info. Had to cancel the card and a
bunch of other shit. Stay away from Beaux Bridge.

JPPT1974 says:

Must love to cook I take it!

Dark Side Of The Menu says:

Loved the festival pictures. JB how about a Louisiana Cajun Recipes "On the Road" edition take take us along to some of those festivals? It would be foodie paradise for those of us who can't make it to your neck of the woods that often.

Jody Plauche says:

I like the Louisiana Seafood Bible Series and John Folse's Encyclopedia of Creole and Cajun Cuisine . I have a cookbook addiction. I have almost all of the Americas Test Kitchen series as well.

MOblackbird says:

I bought the River Road back in the 70s when I was first learning how to cook. Many of my friends used it also. Another good one was from the Time-Life series American Cooking: Creole and Acadian that came with a separate spiral recipe book. A lot of these older cookbooks can be found on sites like ebay.

cin bober says:

I have several LA Jr League cookbooks and family Cajun recipes handed down…I wondered if You ever come across a sausage recipe from a butcher in Thibodaux ( he had a meat shop there in the 1950's- 1960 era) and it is a lost recipe since he passed away. We asked around and no one knows how or what went into it.( it was a" Cumberland" style sausage link w a Cajun twist) Maybe someone would know something Mr JB?….Love Your cookbooks and cooking!

Oren says:

Believe I have the River Roads Recipe book. I'll have to look.

Hike with Mike says:

I love the crawfish tables what a great idea! I love Cajun food!

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