Winter BUDDHA BOWLS // Easy + Delicious

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Looking for some plant-based inspiration? Want to see some easy and realistic healthy options? Check out this video where you will find 3 seasonal buddha bowl ideas! Thanks for watching – love T

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Tish Wonders says:

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this one. Please note that the temperature should be in Celsius not Fahrenheit!

Adriana Sotolongo says:

Great content, gave me some pretty good ideas(:

Pamela El says:

You are doing a great service, young lady. I'm inspired.

Célia Aurélie says:

Mouth watering so bad now 😫🤣 gonna recreate some of this bowl for sure ! Nice video nice edit too👍🏾

ceci barraza says:

Yum! I've never heard of kohlrabi 😮

Forest Nymph Confessions says:

Buddha bowls are my new obsession. They're beautiful, ALWAYS tasty, NEVER boring, and soooo easy to make!!! I make big batches and have enough to mix and match all week. : )

sassyasme 123 says:

I had to revisit my recipe archives and pulled up this video again. Just made the roasted chickpeas. AMAZING!! I used italian mix herbs because it had everything in it plus rosemary and sage. DELISH!!😚

anna osentoski says:


M B says:

I'm avocado intolerant…😣😭😭😭

zOYAlove says:

WOW, I just stumbled across this video and happened to have all the ingredients to the last buddha bowl. THIS CURRY TAHINI DRESSING IS TO DIE FOR!!! I will be making this again, gratitude gratitude gratitude to you, my sister.

E Max says:

So, I was wondering do you take a multivitamin. I take a whole food based brand or is that a “anti-vegan” concept? Because what I found is it’s almost impossible to get everything you need on a daily basis from the foods you eat, because it would include too many food groups and we all stay too busy with work to focus on getting them all. I’m not vegan, but your dishes and enthusiasm are so amazing maybe I can work my way up to semi vegan :)

lynn bradley says:

are the recipes anywhere?

Asna Mydin says:

Wow look so expensive food..

Cicely Williams says:

I do vegan buddha bowls ❤😀 #teamvegan

Cassandra Bodzak says:

Oh! Love how you tossed kombu in there for easier digestion! Great recipe!

L'evolution d'une Fillette says:

This is my first time here and let me just say waauu!! You put together such amazing presentantion and ur passion for food just shines through in the way you talk & cook! It's really contagious. Thank you for sharing!!

tinaro says:

These look sooo appetizing. I like healthy food that isnt blant or boring. Well done

Jody E. says:

Currently making this and I can’t WAIT to eat it! Thanks for the inspiration ☺️

* back* Sooo bowl #1 was absolutely delicious! I’ll be making this one of my go-to recipes for sure.

Catherine Cole says:

Thanks for these recipes, Tish. Winter Buddha Bowls are just what the doctor ordered. Living in Canada, my fall/winter diet is very different from my spring/summer when I'm always cooking with those delicious fruit/veggies from our Farmer's Market. Eating locally can be very problematic– lots of root veggies, stews, soups, casseroles. It's nice to change up the flavours, especially 'thru the use of herbs/spices! :)

eGidukasGP says:

06:45 the part that made me whant to taste some meat…

Christine Puglio says:

Love the recipes , look so good. Just found you and you're videos . Only one thing you don't tell how much you're using . Are they in you're in you're E Book ? Can you help me so I make them

Techgo Gadget Gal says:

Enjoy your videos Tish! Your presentation & display are joyful to watch & hear. I'm a senior and I'm trying to make sure I get enough protein and nutrients in my Foods. Do you have any videos about how to balance Foods for nutrition, protein etc. for keeping our bodies healthy?

Sherry Tg says:

Your voice is so soothing and sweet

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