Yummy perfect risotto for lazy | cook SO TASTY and quickly | italian recipes 100%

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So very EASY Yummy perfect risotto for lazy | rice zucchini | italian recipes 100%

Pasta pasta pasta, do you think italians can’t live without it?
Yes, surely, they eat pasta for lunch and dinner. Thanks God not for breakfast.
They almostly pray for pasta. A real pasta cult.
Question? Do they eat something besides?
Well, when not pasta, then rice.
Yes, imagine, rice.
And call it risotto in their own manner.
Today we offer summer risotto – zucchini&shrimps rice.
Summer is rich with vegetable marrows. So let’s cook it in a new and tasty way.
Let’s get started! Widen your mind.

Fry rice in olive oil.
Then add some water, just to cover the rice. Add liquid gradually as it is absorbed, stirring frequently.
While rice is cooking, let’s make zucchini paste.
Fry zucchini, add a splash of water and braise for 10 minutes. Season with a little salt.
Pulse into a puree in a blender.
Sauce is ready.
When rice is half ready combine it with zucchini paste and continue cooking, stirring constantly untill the end.
Prepare shrimps and courgette decoration.
Fry the shrimps, then fry some zucchini circles and put it on a paper towel to remove excess fat. We don’t plan to get fat too much.
When rice is ready add butter and grated Parmesan.
Arrange on a plate. Or use a cake tin to get the most round risotto in the world.
Zucchini risotto is ready to serve.

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🍝 Serves 2👨👧

Ingredients 💯

✔🔴 #1 – 160 g rice/100 g who has a diet
✔🔴 #2 – 4 shrims 🍤

✔🔴 #3 – 1 zucchini

✔🔴 #4 – olive oil

✔🔴 #5 – butter

✔🔴 #6 – salt

🕓 The cooking time will take about 20 minutes

❤ Bon appetit, Tasty Italy 🍽

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