Zero Carb Food List that Keeps Keto and Ketosis Simple

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Keeping carbs low is the key to keto diet success. When carb intake is too high, we simply cannot enter ketosis and experience the unique benefits of keto.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to rigidly track your carb intake at all times. In fact, many keto dieters are able to stay in ketosis by using one simple strategy: Eating mostly keto-friendly foods that have little to no net carbs (i.e., digestible carbs that reduce ketone production).

Although it may seem like carbs are hiding around every corner when you first start your keto weight loss journey, there are hundreds of delicious options that have zero or almost zero net carbs as well. To help you figure what these foods are and make keto as easy as possible, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of zero carb and almost zero carb foods for your convenience.

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Vy Nguyen says:

Alcohol is a no no

Anantya Anand says:

Well explained 🥰🥰

Chef Elena says:

Dear friends, I have a channel with recipes on how to lose weight

T THORN says:

is there a difference between liquid and granular stevia.

Sugar baby68 says:

Best list I have gotten so far. I have looked at hundreds. This one is simple and easy….I have a busy life style. I work in an operating room and have basically no time to sit and guess what's what in the Keto world. This is perfect…THANK YOU!!

ARCHIT ke sath sikho says:

We can have cheese? Cottage cheese?

Lady One says:

How bout ice

Anya S says:

I am just happy about the variety of my alcohol options provided 🙊

- Zol says:

Can someone have like a cheat meal once in a week in the Keto diet

Shakiba Kiani says:

Omg its 3 month in on keto diet and i was using stevia with dextros everyday!!!!

sortapaul says:

helpfully thank you god bless

Healthy Happy Life says:

Try also watching on my channel. Its all about health tips. It really helps you. ♥️🤗

Steve Kelly says:

Vodka rocks and elk, got it.

MrDeothor says:

Diet cola/soda works? Don't they have aspartame that kicks you out of ketosis?

ShayShay Shay says:

What about vegetables??

Wes Darling says:

You recommend grass-fed meats, but you should consider revising that to "strongly" recommend. Corn-fed animals produce 20 times as much inflammatory omega 6 fats, meaning those meats are really going to make you fat and sick, like the animals they were taken from.

Haeyrish Kim says:

Is it okay if i add one yakult on my water with lemon, Thank you

Maritza Rodriguez says:

I have a question😭 can I have prickly fruit? Iv had diffemt opinions on these fruit that not alot of people know so can I have some now an than on dirty keto😝

Pekun Fambegbe says:

I already know that most proteins have almost no carbs. That's just obvious but I'm notnonlyneatong protein in all my meals. Maybe you should've incorporated low carbs foods you can eat WITH your protein based meals.

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