★Japanese MEAL PREP #2★ Healthy and Delicious Meal in 10 mins! (EP141)

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Today, I’m going to show you how to cook a weekday meal using my Meal Prep of previous video.

If we have prepared food in the fridge, we can make dinner in no time, and we can make bento in the busy morning in less than 20 minutes.

What do you think about my meals here!

Colorful and vibrant,  all those dishes are balanced in nutrition, and of course, it is so delicious.

You can save time and money and could be healthy at the same time.

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MEAL PREP playlist

How to cook rice (white rice, brown rice, fermented brown rice)

Full recipe:

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Peiling Huang says:

Hi your videos are very clear and easy to understand ! Arigatou!! However I would like to check- you don’t freeze your meal prep but just put it in the fridge, correct? How many days will the chicken saboro keep well in the fridge? How about the sautéed mushrooms and boiled sweet potatoes?

Mina says:

How much fun!

Bratbaby P says:

Now i can cook🤗

fushigibliss says:

thank you for this! <3 love your recipes

Rachel Llerena says:

Thank you so much for sharing!! So many ideas for my New Years resolution to cook more of the foods I love! Question! How do you keep the house from getting smelly when you cook fish? My mother LOVES fish but never makes it due to the smell. Any tips? Thank you!!

Nikolay Egov says:

This video and the previous one have given me a lot of new ideas. Thank you so much. I really hope there will be more ☺️

Nastia says:

Wonderful as always! Will definitely try these out!

Liz Coyne says:

This all looks so beautiful!

y setiawa says:

Love your meal prep videos. It can give many ideas for weekdays cooking. Please post more. Thank you.

Anthony Blignaut says:

Fantastic thank you

Rachel and Nick says:

Love all of them. <3

Shirley Lawson says:

These meals are fabulous! Thank you so much for showing us how to use the food that had been prepped. I can't wait to start making these wonderful recipes! Note to Nicole, the kombu-cha powder might be found in an Asian market, if you have one nearby, or it can be bought on Amazon (but it's expensive!). Perhaps Ogata-san can suggest a substitute.

Nicole Palmer vlogs says:

Hey! Do you think I could make the salmon chadzuke without the komb ucha? I live in a small place where getting ingredients is hard. Is there a substitute? Or do you think it would be still tasty? Thank you!

Alicia B says:

I want to try the last 2 dishes!

Jnc Chang says:

Nice job. I'm so tired of miso & salmon and teriyaki recipes on all these other Japanese providers.

Jasper Fen says:

This all looks so good. I'm going to make the rice bowl for lunch right now. Thanks!
Edit: it was delicious.

Peter Engström says:

Now you made me hungry… AGAIN!!! 😀

Sophie Vanderbilt says:

Wonderful video! These meals all look so delicious, especially the butter miso salmon. Thank you for the healthy recipes ♥️

궁동이 밥상 -Chef Jaden says:

Hi, I'm a Korean chef. It's really good to see various foods on your channel.
very interesting prep❤👌👍👍👍👍👍

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