10 of the BEST Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Today I’m sharing 10 of the BEST Christmas Cookies perfect for Santa! Cookies might be one of my favorite foods ever! So if you need some extra ideas for the big man in red, check these out!

Need help with Christmas Dinner: Check out our Christmas Dinner Menu HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM8j6a4enP4&t=34s

Time Stamps and Printable Links!

Intro: 0:00
0:27 Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/chocolate-marshmallow-brownie-cookies/

1:37 No Bake Cookies:

3:07 Brownie Mix Cookies:

4:01 Rolo Cookies:

5:07 Super Soft Sugar Cookies: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/super-soft-sugar-cookie-recipe/

7:14 Fruit Sugar Cookie Pizzas

7:41 Andes Mint Cookies:

8:36 Orange Creamsicle Cookies:

10:08 Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies

11:46 Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/skinny-chunky-monkey-cookies-recipe/

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Cinematography and Editing Provided by: Adam Moffat (www.adammoffat.com)

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Dee Potenti says:

love your gorilla poops cookie's however I have searches and spent many hours looking for the frosting im making them for Christmas and search please let me know where I can find them

Deborah From DC's Peterson City Homestead says:

Great cookies πŸͺ

Paul Bonilla says:

SIX SISTERS, Have you figured out Where the Presold New Instant pot Cookbook is? I paid for mine in October! I got one notice for delivery on January 7th! Oh wait, I got another notice for delivery 3rd! Now I wonder to myself, will I get the Cookbook before I can get the Vaccine, in April or May, Or not! If it was my business i'd be giving my Customer Base some Updates adout Prepaid Merchandise!

Thomas Maphis says:

You sure seem like a super nice lady..
Thanks for being who you are

Marsha Lamberth says:

Great cookie recipes. I am not eating sweets so I just tortured myself watching this video. I sure love to bake. But it's not in my best interest to do it any more.

Whats really in vaccines by Mike Adams : SH0CKING says:


Inga Anderson says:

Am I missing the link to your favorite frosting?

Rosebud71 Wilcox says:

Thank you for all the great cookie recipes
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Kristin McCormick says:

I had all the things for the brownie M&M cookies in the pantry! They're in the oven now!!

Kim Brooks says:

Loved this video! πŸŽ„

Jessica Blaser says:

My mouth was watering the whole time ! I cant decide which one looks the yummiestπŸ˜‹

Patricia Hibbard says:

I made your soft sugar cookie recipe after watching this and they are wonderful! Thank you!

Amanda Neville says:

You need a Danish dough whisk it would save you switching to a spoon or spatula less washing up!

Pauline Falzon says:

Thank you god blees you

Jessica Adams says:

I didn’t realize sugar cookies were so easy to make. I have to make them now. πŸ˜€

Sharie shazam says:

Definitely trying the role cookies! πŸͺ

Shannon Hendrix says:

I need help quick! I just unboxed my Insignia instant pot and I've added the ingredients to make your recipe for chicken and rice, you said to cook it for 7 minutes but the book for the Insignia says 35 minutes. Are all instant pots the same? I'm new to this please help quickly.

Vickie Patterson says:

I love this assortment of cookies!
I want to share something my local grocery store bakery did with sugar cookies. They had a beautiful red icing and the sticker on the container said Jolly Rancher cherry. I actually had a box of Jolly Rancher cherry Jell-O and the next time I made sugar cookies I added a couple of tablespoons of the jello granules to the powdered sugar icing. It added a beautiful color to the icing as well as a wonderful cherry flavor and they're wonderfully festive this time of year, at Valentine's day and many other times or for no occasion at all. They're just a good cherry flavor. You can add any cherry flavored Jello and it's great. I haven't tried other flavors but they would work as well.
I've also added a box of Jello to cake mix and it gives both color and flavor.
Just thought I would share this since you're always giving us such great ideas.

Mareen Cope says:

So many cookie recipes. So little stamina. They all look wonderful.

Debra Piletz says:

Ahhh thank you.

Janet Paulsen says:

Thank you so much for the great recipes.

Patti DelMercado says:

You use a lot of pre made mixes for your cookies, I’ve never tried that.


can you browse my page too πŸ₯° like 571 πŸ‘

Emily Clement Stevens says:

Great assortment of delicious cookies for a grand cookie platter. Thank you so much!!!!!
ps: LOVE the way you show us how to make the cookies from above view with clear mixing bowls, and measure ingredients in small bowls. Makes it so we can't mess up anything. Also with your help hints and tips comments throughout your video. LOVE IT!

Lisa Demuth says:

I get it that some people are all about easy and quick nowadays, but it's really too bad most of these are made with a cake mix. I like to indulge at times and I certainly don't want to indulge with something as awful as a cake mix. It's all about homemade.

Marcella Hughes says:

Thanks you for sharing these recipes! Can you share where you purchased your cookie sheet? Thanks!

MONICAlifornia says:

The preasure to pick just one is overwhelming. MUST BAKE ALL! 😊❀
Merry Christmas amazing Sisters.

Evelyn Oxner says:

Several of these sound great but I can’t wait to make the Rolo ones!!!! πŸŽ„πŸ’•πŸŽ…πŸ»βœ¨πŸ’•πŸŽ„

A Spit of Mud says:

I'm pretty sure Santa likes the M&M chocolate chip cookies THE BEST!!!

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