12 Mouthwatering Fish Recipes

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Sohini Lodh says:

We use lime leaves for making some fish dishes at home. I can assure that they taste heavenly. Thank you for your recipes. I'll try them at home. They look really delicious 😄😄

GameReview Zone says:

I have one objection and that is channel name Banglar rannaghor but all ingredients are in English . Why is that?


Fantastic 👌 yummy tasty 😋 fish 🐟 recepie thanks for sharing 👍

susmita sarkar says:

যিনি রান্না করছেন, ওনার হাত টা দেখলে মনেহয় যেন আমার মা রান্না করছেন।

nazia najam says:

Wow…never seen recipies like these…hats off to ur innovative mind…👍

veena kapate says:

amazing really new way of fish cocking tq

qertyuioplkkj wsdffvbnkmmm says:

Bangladeshi foodssss🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩😘

Kohinoor Akther says:

মাছের সাতে ধই ব্যবহার করা টিকনা,

Jyoti Patel says:

Yummy 😋😋🤤🤤 amazing recipies 😘😘😘

Vivek Bomma says:

Amazing recipes. Sometimes I felt as if the aroma of the flavours was bursting out of the screen. I would've preferred this one video split into 3 or 4 though. Thank you!

Anju Sharma says:


raji mane says:

I'm vegetarian… but it still looks mouth watering to me😀

sumaia zahan says:

Better if you add recipe name at first when you start making one.

Sakila Akhtar says:

I try ur recipe just ysmmmi . Thank u.

Purba's life style says:

Bangali ra MUSTARD oil use kore vegetable oil noy

Soma Nath says:

Amazing My Maa is the best but never learnt how to cook only relished
Now watching ur video hope to learn my bengali cooking 🙏🙏

Brishti Biswas says:

So so innovative recipes Ma'am.. Just loved it🥰💘👌

Smriti Chatterjee says:

Mourola r recipe ta joghonno_ashtani bondhu charbe.Ja ishe dekhia dile holo?

selina ferdausi says:

Its realy wow, Thank you so much.

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