3 Chinese Noodle Sauce With NO COOKING! | CHINESE RECIPES

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These are my favorite sauces for quick Chinese style noodles! You only need to cook your noodles and the rest is whisked togehter without a stove! They aren’t traditional recipes, but sometimes I want something as close as it can get and ready in 5 minutes.

1. Spicy Sesame Garlic Sauce
2. Cheater’s “Biang Biang” Noodle Sauce
3. Chong Qing Style Noodle Sauce

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JayZ says:

You are joking, right?

Leah A. says:

Für wie Personen ist die Portion die du im Video machst?

Dy Daniel says:

What kind of noodle did you use?

Sarah Krüger says:

how much garlic do you put into the spicy garlic sesame sauce? didn't see it in your recipe but I guess the garlic needs to go in because of the name :)

Ahmed Talaat says:

Just tried the first sauce, it was so good thank you for doing it 😋
I used tahini though 😅😅

Snickers033 says:

Everything just looks sooo good! Will definitely try 😍

Kashimir says:

omg! so watching this hehe

严肃小姐LadySerious says:

老干妈(lao gan ma) is absolutely the must have😄

Mujirama says:

Could you tell me, if the sauces from the glasses are vegetarian or even vegan? Love your insta ^^

Angelika Schwaff says:

Yummy. Wo gibt es denn die Chinesische Sesampaste? Auch hier in Berlin?

sarahlawless says:

I put that chili oil on everything. Bread, pasta, salads, soups…it's how i asianfy any blant food 😉

Smiling Foodie says:

The intro was worth the watch😆

Jamie Hunter says:

Lao Gan Ma is life!

David Anania says:


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