3 Must-Try Cotton Candy Recipes • Tasty

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Jasmine shows us how to make the best cotton candy!


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Tabetha Green says:

cotton candy is gross

Arun Singh says:

Indians drink royal milk tea daily.
I love to drink royal milk tea
How many of u like it?
Im saying it royal milk tea but the best word for it is chai

Yosiah Smith says:

I heard of the cotton candy covered pickle, sounds interesting

huma jalal says:

" It's 2020, We have seen worse"…can't agree more

NaDiA NiShA says:

My teeth could never 💀💀

Yashaswini Krishnan says:

Omg, Indians drink Royal tea everyday lol 😂😂😂😂

Ana Victoria says:

I loved this so cuteeee

phoenix shadow says:

How many of you felt prestigious when she said Assam black tea

ShellyhazSeashells says:

2:47) nooo

NV says:

'on bringme'

Visala Ashokan says:

For me the royal tea is just the common tea and the common tea is royal tea

christine says:

tasty being the new bon appetit

Hiba Thajj says:

The royal milk tea that have mentioned is actually the ordinary tea that we drink ang get everywhere in india…. specifically its the normal CHAI

robux free says:

I never knew that cuttin ice cream was a thing!

E Beth says:

Moment if silence for all those calling it candyfloss

Charlotte Eve says:

Yuck!! Although I saved video to make the royal milk tea!!

BirthdayEcards says:

Cotton candy ice cream sandwich😍

Scarlet afton ETN says:

My my that cotton candy cloud looks good ima go make it BYE

Rahul kumar says:

Purple is made up of pink and blue not red and blue 7:16 but I don't know how her's turn purple ??🤔🤔

Lion's life Lion says:

e and tehhee yummy

Whitney Zimmerman says:

she done lost her damn mind

{{ Nada Al-Shammari }} says:


الحساب ؛ aoho66

الرقم السري ؛ aa1234jj


Super super

Erin Cook says:

Her clear pot was soooo cute✨💕

Josh Francis says:

I feel like my blood sugar rises watching this.

Suteiibun Eidorian says:

Diabetes sandwich pog

Echo moonlight wolf says:

Is everybody not going to talk about that her inner child is screaming right now!?

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