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Are you preparing for a New Year’s party? In this video, you will find a lot of incredibly tasty cocktail recipes. After watching this video you will be able to make perfect cocktails and your friends will be happy! You will be able to explore various flavor combinations and choose the one you like. Besides, preparing cocktails is a very fun process at the same time. Invite your friends and create something cool!

Try to make the best cocktail for beach parties – Barbados surprise. Besides, it looks incredible! Fill a glass with ice and pour orange juice, grenadine, vodka, and blue curacao. Mixing cocktails could be real art as you can make a whole show making various drinks. Besides, some cocktails look like a real piece of art and it’s not a joke. The next cocktail became classic in late 1970 and still is incredibly popular because of the perfect combination of coffee liqueur, Bayleys, Grand Marnier, and pure alcohol. The main idea is to layer a cocktail according to the recipe. Otherwise, it will fail. Watch the video and find the spoon layering technique that needs some practice.

Also, you will find an oddly satisfying video with latte art ideas. All coffee lovers love being served a cup of coffee with art design. It’s the best way to start your day. Watch this video and find easy tutorials for beginners. Learn how to create a cute dog, flowers, teddy bear, swan, and other beautiful latte art.

00:09 Easy cocktail recipes
01:41 Best shot recipes
11:48 Latte art tutorials for beginners
12:15 Latte art teddy bear

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kitty draws studio says:

I would like to drink this to my birthday

Khuslen Husel says:

Woow very good

Santiago Galdame says:

Deberías tener originalidad en tus vídeos, no robar los de otros youtubers

Ты заслуживаешь похвалы says:

ахуеть спасибо виталий терентьев что научил как к самогону добавлять кофеный ликер

Denilce Florez Cardona says:

Este es el celular de mi abuela

Denilce Florez Cardona says:

Esque tengo 8 años no se hablar inglés

Denilce Florez Cardona says:

Esto lo pueden tomar los niños

DerEchteGangsta says:

with every ingredient they are very specific, but sometimes they just call it liquer. What do they mean by that?

Cocktail Tuber says:

amazing ideas for everything, some of them are really useful

Chau Nguyen says:

Anyone know the song name?

Phylicia Schaw says:

Who is 7. Because cause i just want wath this for a reason

Weronika Wlusek says:

Icerxserve Know as Xserve

Abbagail Hobbs says:

Horrible it’s drugs

Shashank Misra says:

Wow…. this is very amazing 👍😱😊

Defqon.1 says:

Siete degli incompetenti di merda, si vede che fate le cose con il culo perché solo uno che ha studiato in materia sa che molte di queste combinazioni che avete fatto ti faranno sboccare anche solo al primo assaggio, non si fa così, non dovete insegnare alle persone su come prendersi le malattie oppure su come mandarli in ospedale, pensateci cazzo 2 volte a quello che fate

Bhoomika Sachdeva says:

I was really amazed by the raspberry champagne! And the blueberry

Ava Lol says:

My question is what did they do with all the drinks??

Molik Joshi says:

This looks like a dead fish…..

Theodoros Paphitis says:

1:00 I called it salmonella

Giselle D’souza says:

So much drinks🍾🥂🍷🥃🍸🍹🍺🍻🧃🥤

ivanna anderson says:

I was wondering why YouTube did not put a age restriction on this video when it clearly shows alcoholic beverages & someone making a variety of different cocktails. This is not appropriate for kids, therefore, it should only be for adults 21 and older.

Aditya Aadi says:

eewwwwww egg in drink …
nooo noooo i can't😭😭😭😭

Stephen Kenny says:

Why can't boy left the chair it's because girls are better than boys

Pretty Girl says:

What's that tool call which is used to separate color

AngieWarhol says:

This is actually Angie Warhol’s daughter here

AngieWarhol says:

Doge template: magically transfers into the coffee LOL

five minute crafts: dats sOOoOoOOoOoOo nOrMaL

BrBt3d says:

Just one quick question, and I know this comment would be considered late and will more than likely not get noticed but – Why does no one ever prepare their absinthe properly anymore? I am unable to watch the video in its entirety as of right now so maybe there is a moment where they properly prepare it with water, but from a recipe early on in the video, they poured unclouded absinthe into the drink straight from the bottle. Why? Unprepared absinthe tasted terrible, it is not even alcoholic, it is made from wormwood, or at least actual absinthe is. Genuinely, I have no idea how people can drink raw absinthe and be okay with their decision afterwards. The only reason that someone could stand drinking raw absinthe is that if it is the cheap stuff that is mostly bad alcohol. Forgive me for my rant. It is just so unfortunate to me that so many people get this wrong. Absinthe is an amazing drink, if only prepared with a few drops of water. Thank you.

Shubham Kumar says:

Always drink responsibily ..never drink and drive… stay tipsy…

Faseela Kk says:

Another reason for me to drink

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