4 Amazing Chicken Meal Prep Dishes to Add to Your Daily Routine

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Make life easy by adding unique flavors to a simple dish! https://taste.md/2UtHD8s

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Andy says:

No chickens were harmed in the making of this video

honey bunn says:

omfg the first one i literally have everything😭😭 and i have my first day of school tmmr so i may make this

Manuel Fernando says:

Please put the macros as well….cos thats the most important thing in fit meals

Muhammad Zafar says:

Would the second dish work without flour?

SnailButtSnapper says:

Nutrition facts please, those are really important to add. ^^


Easy recipe!

Khalid Omar says:

ثالث وجبة عك يعك عكا …هههههه نووووو

King says:

These were perfect

syed ibrahim says:

Don we need to preheat after taking from the fridge? R just eat them


Chicken doesn't taste good the next day.

rebecca xx says:

i only watch these vids so i know what seasonings that works 🤣 my amateur self will otherwise only use black pepper and salt 😪

Thumazz says:

The second one was very tasty, the soy sauce almost exploded in my pan somehow tho

A Bhattacharya says:

Helpful. But should you put hot stuff in plastic containers?

Pooja Khadka says:

The amount of oil gave me anxiety 😅.. but looks so delicious 😋

Abram Aguayo says:

U lost me at vegetable oil

Michael Scotts says:

Cooking times and temps would be nice.

Josephine H says:

thank you for this video!! it's really helpful!

geo raf says:

I just want to say to people to stop using plastic containers for hot food, invest a few bucks and get glass or metal ones, personally i try to avoid plastics containers even for cold/hot , water or anything else(besides protein shakers). It has been proven that plastics release harmful compounds for our hormones , especially for males.

ravina kaushal says:

Thank you loved this video. The recipes seem simple and delicious. Just wish you included the time and temperature on how to cook the chicken. That would’ve been really helpful. But thank you.

Lalala Gegege says:

Does anyone know the macros ?

StaleBread says:

just as a heads up, don't add flour directly into hot liquids. You'll just end up with a thin sauce and chunks of mushy flour. You need to dissolve the flour in a little bit of cold water first then add it in.

Marwa Sayed says:

Why do you refrigerate all you dishes?

JanaaleM says:

Thank you for being straight to point and not talking or saying unnecessary things for the first 5 minutes. Subscribed and liked.

EZ says:

2:02 – whats that ingredient, c u m i…… :O….nice (¬‿¬)

Alisa Higgins says:

I tried the chicken fajita and it was bomb af

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