4 Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothie Recipes (Dairy Free)

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Looking for anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes? These 4 easy anti-inflammatory green smoothies will help to reduce your overall amount of chronic inflammation while satisfying your taste buds. They’re all dairy free, packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

These greens smoothies are intended for those on a low sugar, anti-inflammatory diet and also for those who want a healthy digestive system overall! Dark leafy greens will help your body get rid of toxins, excess weight, sugar cravings, addictions, renew and repair your skin. And as a result – reduce inflammation, which is at the root of nearly all modern diseases.

Customize your anti-inflammatory smoothies based on how you body reacts and how you feel. If you don’t get bloated and feel good then go ahead and make it a habit!

⭐ Full recipes : https://healthytasteoflife.com/4-anti-inflammatory-green-smoothie-recipes/

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Maria Gonzalez says:

How to see ingredientes , this music make feel angry.

VPM7 ginnie says:

It would be appreciated if you stop that annoying music please and slow it down, could not note correct dose of ingredients.

Vegan Gluten Free says:

Looks delicious. I will try the first one for sure.

Venessa Talbert says:

Wish I had one of those right now….having a bad fibro flare

D J says:

Can anyone recommend a good blender?

Annabella wewinwithlove says:

A beautiful video, visually and nutritionally, Thank you❤🇯🇲👍

Elisa Kentt says:

Great combinations, I see food combining principles are applied 👍

Olivia May says:

Most smoothies on YouTube are not really "healthy" they have a tone of sugar, sweeteners, cheap nut butters and protein powders, these recipes are closer to what represents healthy👍👌

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