4 EASY Japanese Breakfast Recipes for Beginners

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Making Japanese breakfast meals are very easy actually!
I want to share this HEALTHY and DELICIOUS Japanese breakfast recipes (How to make Japanese-style breakfast).
Please feel free to use your favorite ingredients.

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Recipe: https://misosoup.site/4-easy-japanese-breakfast-recipes/

1. Natto Rice + Miso Soup + Japanese Rolled Omelette + Stir-fried Carrot + Pickled Cucumber

Ingredients [2 servings]
Natto Rice
・2 bowls of rice
・2 packs of Natto
・Minced green onion

Miso soup
・1.7 oz (50g) Tofu
・1 tbsp Dried wakame seaweed
・1.7 cups (400ml) Water
・1 Dashi packet or 1 tsp Dashi granules
・2 tbsp Miso paste

Japanese rolled omelette
・4 Eggs
・2 tsp Sugar
・1 tbsp Oil
・Shiso and grated daikon for topping

Stir-fried carrot
・3 oz (85g) Carrot
・1.2 oz (35g) Bacon
・A pinch of sugar, salt, and pepper
・1tsp Oil

Pickled cucumber
・3.5 oz (100g) Cucumber
・1 tbsp Vinegar
・2 tsp Soy sauce
・2 tsp Sugar
・1.5 tsp Sesame oil
2. Easy Colorful One Plate with Salmon Rice Ball

Ingredients [2 servings]
・2 Boiled eggs
・1kiwi fruit
・4 Cherry tomatoes
・1.2 oz (35g) Corn

Salmon rice balls
・Rice for 4 rice balls
・3 oz (85g) Salmon
・A large pinch of salt
・Mitsuba or Shiso or Parsley

Soy sauce butter asparagus
・3 oz (85g) Asparagus
・1 tsp Soy sauce
・1 tsp Butter
3. 3 Types Rice Balls + Miso Soup + Bell Pepper Tuna + Japanese Rolled Omelette + Cold Tofu

Ingredients [2 servings]
3 types of rice balls
・Rice for 6 small rice balls
・2 tsp Salmon flakes
・Salt for rice balls and salmon
・2 Pickled plums
・2 tsp Salted kombu (kelp)
・Few drops of soy sauce
・A pinch of sugar

Miso soup
・1 sheet Thin deep-fried tofu
・3 oz (85g) Your favorite vegetable (Daikon)
・1.7 cups (400ml) Water
・1 Dashi packet or 1 tsp Dashi granules
・2 tbsp Miso paste

Bell pepper tuna
・2 oz (60g) Bell pepper
・1 Canned tuna
・1.5 tbsp Mayonnaise
・A pinch of salt and pepper

Japanese rolled omelette
・3 Eggs
・1.5 tsp Sugar
・2 tsp Oil

Cold tofu
・2.5 oz (70g) Tofu
・Dried bonito shavings
・Minced green onion
4. Rice + Miso Soup + Sunny-side Up + Sausage

Ingredients [2 servings]
・2 bowls of rice
・Pickled radish
・Pickled plums

Miso soup
・1.7 oz (50g) Tofu
・Your favorite vegetable (Chinese cabbage, carrot, etc)
・1.7 cups (400ml) Water
・1 Dashi packet or 1 tsp Dashi granules
・2 tbsp Miso paste

Fried egg and sausage
・4 Eggs
・1 tsp Oil
・Your favorite sausage or Baocn

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emma nesvoll says:

it lloks very healty i would love to try it but, i dont have most of the ingredients!

justmedidi says:

these recipes all seem very simple but very nutritious! thank you for sharing. i want to try these :)

KAPPA Studio says:

The music is perfect

Pon Aana Naram பொன் ஆன நேரம் says:

Vow….looks yummy

Dirania says:

It all looks amazing. But that is a lot of work for breakfast to me. Do people really cook this daily before they go to work? Sadly salmon is crazy expensive where I live…

Diana says:

i love it thx

Louise Fält says:

All of them look so tasty!

Jasper Atym Rochwite says:

I know this is a super rude way to ask this but…..what is the slimey looking bean stuff on the rice?

Themanofculture_W says:

New subscriber, I can’t cook, but I enjoy watching others do so 👌🏾

Glori's Corner says:

Thank you for the recepies.

Vyshnav Tc says:

Why are you putting sugar in everything?

Nam Chansawang says:

I miss Japan 😭 I didn't realize how spoiled I was while there. Thank you for your channel so I can bring a little of Japan with me

qzqioqoskjwhw says:

do you use normal rice or sushi rice?

Rachel Edwards says:

This looks so healthy and nutritious! I’m going to try to make these!

Felisha says:

Are you adding brown or white sugar? :)

Leana Pold says:

Looks delicious!

ella says:

very easy to follow and great recipes. thank you :)

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