5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1dn24vP 5 different breakfast smoothie recipes! Overnight Oatmeal: http://bit.ly/1l0ysWt Eggs Benedict: http://bit.ly/…

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The Domestic Geek says:

*5 breakfast smoothies*. A different recipe for everyday of the week!

#Smoothies #Breakfast 

The Domestic Geek says:

*5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies*

Try a different smoothie recipe Monday – Friday!


Vesa Hoxha says:

can I use something else instead Greek yogurt

mzbarbiie bella says:

Are u sara cochon ?

Andrea Trigueros says:

Hi! I’m going back to school soon and taking early classes means quick
breakfast! These look great but I’m trying to cut down on fruits because
I’m borderline diabetic, can you give me some more yummy veggie breakfast
smoothies? Or quick breakfast ideas in general? I love the overnight oats
video too!! Thanks!!! 

Nuha Elhady says:

which one is your all time favorite smoothie?

Molly Williamson says:

I tried all of them they are HEAVAN thank you

Syahira Hafizan says:

Heyyy ! I LOVEEE YOUR CHANNEL ! Definitely subscribe.. thank you for
sharing your recipes! ;D

Hilda Sanchez says:

I just subscribed and I’m loving it! Thanks for such amazing videos! I look
forward for more ;)

deep pal says:

subbed 😀 , i really adore your presentation and how you talk , smooth as
silk 😛 . good idea to create all the stuff at one go and then one is good
to go for the week . Hope you have more views and subscribers . God bless .

Maggie Reddon says:

Omg love this video thanks so much! I’ll be subscribing! :)

beautymakesus says:

i have the same blender :)

Syasha Shafuan says:

I made the purple n it is good. Thanks

Sadonna Tabb says:

i will be trying these and will let you know how it is looks great

Desy Suwandi says:

they look so good i am definitely going to try them all thank youuuuu :)

deh yohaa says:

They all look great, except for Wednesday, your really not supposed to eat
melon with anything, eat it alone or not at all. Melons digest a lot faster
then other fruit so mixing them together can seriously mess up your bowl

BerniBear〈3 says:

How many calories is this?

Carol Kayamba says:

:O they look so delicious! Could you show the amount of fruit you’d have to
buy weekly to make these smoothies on a daily basis?

Jussi Sirkiä says:

Tree hugger 

kimberly martinez says:

good vids this is so good for my family i like the red smoothie and the
rest i will make it soon i want to drink these smoothies so bad

OMGThatGirlKatie says:

why do your smoothies have lumps in? :S

Nana Raef says:

OMG! How come you’re so sweet? I subscribed to your channel after watching
just one video… 

silentscreams1988 says:

Great video!
Have you defrosted your frozen fruit in this video before blending it?

Annie KerrMcKenna says:

You kinda look like shaniele woodly

Milligan Favorites says:

Hi … I came across your channel by searching for some yummy smoothies to
use in my brand new Ninja Kitchen System. The ones featured in your video
look so yummy! I look forward to incorporating them into my lifestyle. Make
it a great day! ~Diane

Aaliya Batool says:

Can’t wait to try these! They look so good :) 

Aisha Gets Organized says:


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