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Original Recipe: https://goo.gl/hafLCF
My March Meal Plan: https://goo.gl/zJxbgA

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l z says:

I was looking on YouTube what should I dinner And this video Came up…I watched And I am eating That whrite now

Brigitte d'haese says:

looks so good

Lincoln and Kenadie HD says:

If you're a fan of peanut butter and banana and honey… you should really try that combination grilled. It's delicious. We actually had homemade pizzas tonight, but the grilled version would have been a hit too!!

Mysticsoul says:

I love hobo sandwiches on a camp fire. Hobo dinners (hamburger, onions, potatoes, nature seasoning and garlic salt) wrapped up in foil in the oven is delious as well.

3PlusaBunny says:

Looks yummy!! My 10 year old would probably love that. Thanks for the quick meal idea.

Courtney Malone says:

Not sure if you have Shammy Butter where you are but they have a Garlic butter that would make that amazing

B H says:

I should make those! We make them at cabin. How long do u suggest pizza or spaghetti sauce lasts in jar in fridge? I live on own and can never use it all up.

Shelly Hinklin says:

I think I say "does that make sense" at least once a day lol.

Jana Nix says:

Great idea! I have a home daycare…we are having this after spring break is over!!!

Stephanie Kopf says:

They Look So yummy and easy. Thanks for sharing

Erin Ward says:

Oh I love pizza sandwiches! I make them in my sandwich maker. It seals the sides a little and cuts them into triangles. Super easy!

Lori’s Passion says:

We had grilled cheese and carrot sticks for dinner tonight! 😂

Lindsey Dovel says:

Did all 3 kids enjoy it?

palomadove4 says:

This is something my son loves!!! Quick lunches for school or even like you said…just want them fed and bed!

Lela Clifford says:

I love this we do cub scouts on the go alot!

jacqueline murray says:

brill definitely going to try this, suits so much when coming home at 6.30 after work getting kids fed before going to clubs. such a real life dinner great x

Jin Hui says:

Yum yum…Support you here ❤❤❤

Cas Sim says:

Ohhhh myyyy god they look so yummy!

Stacey L says:

This was great Sam, would love more videos on quick easy dinners!!

Nadine Skinner says:

We make these sometimes, but we let the kids dip the sandwiches into the pizza sauce.

Shanda_Sissy says:

I;m so happy you are left handed too.

Intentionally Made says:

Haha I just made these a few weeks ago and it was so yummy. I was making pizza rolls for the kids but since I can’t eat gluten I decided to make my own and came up with this. It was a hit on my instagram.

Kim Christensen says:

I feel like you could also just make pepperoni, grilled cheese sandwiches and serve the sauce as a dipping sauce. Thanks for the great quick meal idea!

Tracy Clow says:

Would love more videos like this. Please

Kimberly Vinson says:

Love this!!

Adventures in Chaos says:

That looked delish and now I'm hungry. I enjoy all your food videos because they are so relatable and look like something I could make at home as well. Please do more quick meal ideas like this.
And yes, we all have those nights. When you were talking about what you would put with it your options were such a more balanced meal then I would make. Quick meal to get kids to bed would have had a side of veggie sticks and chips. Oops!

Eydie Garcelon says:

Yum! This looks really good!!!!

Mama2Three says:

Oh my gosh! I could definitely use more ideas like this in my life! There are always those nights where you were out later during the day than you expected to be, and it's too late to try and defrost something. It usually becomes a drive thru night, but this would be so much better.
And I totally agree with you…the fewer pans to cook the meal, the better!!

Kreah Smith says:

I like to make these with the pizza sauce on the side for dipping! So fast and delicious 😋

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