5 Pies Because You Deserve Pie • Tasty Recipes

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xhthepikachu Gaming says:

Classmates: you’d not deserve a life
Brothers: you don’t deserve a life
Brains: you don’t deserve me
YouTube: you deserve a pie
Me: *happy Pika noises(aka squealing like a dying pig)

Evalyn Naja says:

bruh im really crying over a guy while watching this like honestly wtf

no anime allowed says:

I fucking deserve these pies

Ally C says:

The title had me,I definitely deserve this

itsalexusvrmvrm says:

I DO deserve pie.

Catherine Baker says:

Tasty: you deserve pie
Me: you know what, I do–
Tasty: getting out the meatballs
Me: what
Tasty: what

Elensila2718 says:

Man, I don’t even eat meat, but I really liked the look of the meatball pie! I think I’m just a little over sweets right now, so I got excited for a savory recipe!

pancake on a rabbit says:

is this what happens when you run out of title ideas

Ann of Rainbows says:

Why am i watching this with an empty stomach? I just want to torture myself .

I’ve come to steal UR BREAD says:

I ate cake. Do I still deserve pie?

Kornelia Haag says:

I see i got diabetes recommended again

Lydia Brown says:

This should be called 1000000000 calories cause your FaT

Abida Beevi says:

Who watches this but is too lazy to do it 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Maria Da Silva says:

Qué delicias me encanta mucho😋😋

Mindy Frank says:

This is one of my favorits now. I will defenitly try them. Thank you for the video.

brianna abraham says:

I love the pies so much, they made my mouth water😝

sleepy a says:

According to my parents, I don't deserve pie :(

nani says:

so good. stay safe xxx

Sz0 says:

But do pies deserve me?

Areyoukiddingme says:


Kevilix. says:

I swear i read this as "5 pies because u deserve to die" or something like that

Cheo Mangum says:

2:36 Do the meatballs have to be cooked?

Francis Nguyen says:

I love pies.

Maras Mansour says:


jennybean says:

I need to make the first one

Godbless Humphrey M says:

Tasty…more of besty

Tamer Taman says:

To be honest the meatball pie looks like the Chicago – deep dish

Welmoed says:

Now you’re just making me hungry

Katie says:

3.14=π=This video

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