5 Thanksgiving Pie Recipes To Impress The Whole Family

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Hello Food Wishers! This is Chef John’s Corporate Overlords serving up 5 Thanksgiving pie recipes to impress the whole family. No Thanksgiving feast would be complete without a slice of rich, creamy pumpkin pie, and Chef John is sharing his recipe for the Best Pumpkin Pie Ever! But why stop there? From his Classic Pecan Pie to unexpected Buttermilk Pie to a convenient handheld Apple Pie, Chef John has the perfect pie recipe for your Thanksgiving table!

Best Pumpkin Pie Ever:

Classic Pecan Pie:

Buttermilk Pie:

Apple Hand Pies:

S’more Ice Cream Pie:

0:00 Best Pumpkin Pie Ever
05:10 Classic Pecan Pie
11:39 Buttermilk Pie
21:04 Apple Hand Pies
26:49 S’more Ice Cream Pie

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Tarotness says:

Shaka shaka tappa tappa…I luva luva your videos! So awesome 👏🏻 ❤️‍🔥🥧🧡

gregorskiff says:

Bulleit bourbon is ok, so for sure not the good stuff.

Keep and eye out for "Old Pogue" or any of the current "Parkers Heritage collection" editions, those are some of best out there.

CHEWS says:

I adore Chef John!! Thanks for making that buttermilk pie. I've yet to try it. In fact I didn't even know it existed. Would love to see you make a sweet potato pie. Love your reference to 80s hit "Buffalo Gals"!! Oh and I'm one of those people that eat and talk on camera lol. Great video!

Joel Appenzeller says:

I’ve never been a fan of pecan pie. Then I made yours in your crust. Dang it if it isn’t one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Thanks for the recipe (I made your pumpkin pie too. DELICIOUS)

Carol Hill says:

Just made your pumpkin pie baked in my toaster oven. Fantastic. Thank you Chef John.

Miss Marilyn Darling says:

I just made your pumpkin cheesecake I've made it every year on thankssgiving sense you made that video and everyone always wants more

Lulu_Da_Blue_Axolotl says:

I make your pumpkin pie every thanksgiving and each one gets better than the last.

Jtotheosh says:

I made my first buttermilk pie after you posted it the first time. I have made it every year since. I also make a few more every year for friends and family… This year I made 6!

M P says:

You're hilarious. Thank you for making it easy for us baking newbies and keeping it light

Dylan Appenfeldt says:

Thank You but I think the first one and last were definitely best that butter milk pie looks medieval

Dylan Appenfeldt says:

I am really from the Deep South and really have never heard of the buttermilk pie really confused from the crust 🌷

PandemoniumMeltDown says:

Who is Aziz?

Teyjah Xaveriss says:

This for some reason, reminds me of cottage cheese pie, my grandma used to make

Rebecca Z says:

Bourbon would also deglaze the apples too, which also adds another flavor level.

Oregon32Nurse Nurse says:

@18:00– if you don’t have fresh buttermilk on hand, you just add 1/4 c of vinegar to 1 cup milk. Allow to sit 10 mins. You’ve got buttermilk!!!

Renee Moreno says:

Small hot balls rolling all over the floor? Lmao🤣🤭🙏

John 3:16 says:

Pie licious is so Daz licious. 😋 Kana mada kana tale foodie 😋😋😋😋😋😋

jennifer grubbe says:

S’more… you’re killing me Smalls!

Patti Mccraw says:

noticed the oven says do not put foil on bottom i just put foil on mine wonder why

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