5 Things to do with…. Pork

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Underrated and so tasty! We go back through the archives to show you some brilliant dishes to make with pork.

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Royal Roast Chicken for Harry & Meghan | Jamie Oliver – http://jamieol.com/lUH2ID
Piri Piri Pork Belly | Jamie Oliver – jamieol.com/PPorkFT

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jp787 says:

My name is Muhammad ibn sharmuta and I love pork.

Shadsy The Hedgehog says:

I never expected an Indian accent to sound as good as that

Juliat Shamoun says:

Best food choices for me in this video was
European Dairy especially the cheeses
Extra virgin olive oils
The rest were All high carbs promote inflammation in your body
Wheather it was dark or white bread
Or dark pasta or light pasta
Or white Rice or Brown ….all these it promote insulin resistance *pre diabetes *
Then type 2 diabetes..
Not good at all you just minimize these 3 items from your kitchen
Consume it in very low amount I won't do more than 20 to 25 gram in my meal
It creates metobolic diseases
Sorry to say that
But that is truth

Ian Carlo Simpliciano says:

1:44 Poison? 😱

Evie Addy says:

2019 year of the piggy so it be obvious to want a porky recipe for this week XD

Mulla Meer Ahmed says:

Jamie i love u I don't see like you MasterChef your the best 😘 But 😵 pork probabit For Me And You Also Don't Eat Prok 😣

srai12snake says:

Soy sauce is NOT Chinese btw. It’s Japanese. Chinese sauces are Jiang sauces, similar but very different

Dora Kolaric says:

Too fast,cannot follow

MrGrayArrow says:

What do you alwasy have with this olive oil and lemon juice?

david mathews says:

Instructions are too close together. I've just made Chinese/Indian curry with rice wine and pork crackling sauce.

Aurora Vuitton says:

Came here to look for 4 things to do other than eat, given 5 recipes instead… Baited

lunarrequiem says:

Jamie, please do osso bucco!

Sundance Kid says:

In Romania we eat pork with pork and for desert we have pork. Pork neck-back ( don't know how it's called ) is the best cut in the world.

A Brit In Canada says:

Why didn't you just ask David Cameron, the man's got ideas!

Peter Rabitt says:

Pigs are more intelligent than dogs, and their sense of pain is more acute than a human's.

You sure you wanna eat all that pain?

ageekymom says:

Is there a place to find the written recipes?

David Lin says:

number 5 is an insult to asians chinese pork belly

Sheilah C says:

Gennaro!! 😻

Almaraen says:

Jamie reppin the bois from sorted food

Luke Fennell says:

da hell? didn't know you got the Indian nigella lawson on the show. nice one man!

Chef Monstro says:

Looks fantastic but where are the recipes?

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