7 Best Alkaline Snack Recipes That Are Quick, Easy & TASTY and Low Calorie!

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Enjoy 7 of my favourite alkaline snacks. These are inspired from my 8+ years eating an alkaline diet, and are full of flavour and nutrition.

These recipes include:

1. HealthyBody Turmeric Balls
2. HealthyBody Nori-Wraps
3. HealthyBody Lettuce Boats
4. HealthyBody Alkaline Chia Pudding
5. Alkaline Sprouted almonds
6. HealthyBody Fruit Cream
7. HealthyBody Green Blast.

These alkaline snacks are fantastic for when you just want a little something to eat, that’s not to heavy, but is still a fully vegan snack, vegetarian snack, and sugar free snack.

These super healthy alkaline snacks are useful no matter the occasion. Whether you are looking for plant-based snacks while you are at home, or something alkaline to snack on at work, you’ll find something for your taste buds in this quick list!

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Toccara Bumphus says:

All your food your showing are not alkaline according to Dr Sebi nutritional Guide

Toccara Bumphus says:

Chia is not alkaline either

Toccara Bumphus says:

Turmeric is not alkaline, it’s very dangerous for the lining of the gut!

Travelling Entrepreneur says:

These look like awesome alkaline snack ideas! I'll try them this week. Loving your videos, keep it up.

My Exclusive Organizer says:

yummy and healthy!

Marta Isabel Perales says:

Thank you Maria!

Travelling Entrepreneur says:

They look delicious, Can I Add protein powder to the turmeric balls?

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