7 Puff Pastry Appetizer Recipes | Pastry ideas

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7 Puff Pastry Appetizer Recipes | Pastry ideas
Fast Blackberry Puff Pastry Recipe https://youtu.be/nCU0xVkYRfc
Blueberry Puff Pastry Tart | Recipe ideas https://youtu.be/LtBVmPm4r14
Puff Pastry Braid Fruit & Chocolate Filled https://youtu.be/SIoo9bUEXWM
Puff Pastry Raspberry Peach Turnovers https://youtu.be/zmc6Q1aJl8w


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مي جمعة مهروق says:


Gina Sipple says:

This should be named puff pastry desserts….no savory appetizers here

Yo Poppy says:

Love the music!!! Having a blast trying to replicate these recipes. 😁😂

Wiji Sukesi says:

Ada keluarga babingepet yg berhubungan dengan listrik di jl kp balimatraman rt 13 rt 14 rw 09 manggarai jak sel letaknya masuk gang kecil berhadapan samping sekolah sdn dekat mck mohon tolong diselidiki

Jennifer Lee says:


Farida Aminy says:

These recipes looks absolutely delicious thanks for sharing.

Terrie Severson says:

Puff pastry with any filling (sweet or savory) is my absolute favorite dessert. However , there is still no great recipe for a gluten free substitute on the market . I’ve tried the big “ three”; from the limited choices, and while they taste fairly good they don’t rise like the real thing…. I guess I’m just frustrated that nobody can seem to make a duplicate GF puff pastry for the thousands of Celiac patients that have such a limited choice in the marketplaces.😡

Vivian Chan says:

So creative. Looks yummy and feel hungry now. Sure will try this weekend. Thanks

Mary says:

Yummy goodies as always. Thank you.

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