8 Ways to DEBLOAT // Easy Drink Recipes w/ Yovana!

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I’m so happy I finally did this collab with my friend Yovana! We put together 8 EASY ways to help you de-bloat and lose the belly pouch. You’ve gotta check these out! For the rest of the tips go watch my vid on Yovana’s channel – http://bit.ly/YovanaYT

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Love Sweat Fitness says:

Which of these tips are you going to try???

Crystal Burnett says:

Hi, I would like to try this smoothie! I can’t find the recipe with measurements. Can someone provide the exact measurements of ingredients to use? Thanks!

Kendra Lawrance says:

AVC Elixir is SOOOO good omg!!!

Jessica Cunningham says:

Neeeeeeeding this video today badly

Ashley Kula says:

That smoothie looks yummy! What kind of blender is that?

Ny Bombay says:

Katie is so freaken sweet! The more I watch her, the more I love her!!!❤️❤️

Serena H says:

I am going to try them all!!

Athena Rider says:

These recipes sounds great! I'm allergic to pineapple though. Is there a replacement that works the same way I can use?

Margaret Jongebloed says:

Love these tips !! Love the video with green flying smoothie😂
I do many of these things, loved the tip about thinking of the foods that are gel-like as being most hydrating ! Thanks ladies ❤️

Mandi Jackson says:

I just found out their's no science backing up the benefits of apple cider vinegar. What's the point of drinking that nasty stuff?

Brittany Hester says:

Katie what blush do you wear? I love the glow you have!

Ashwini Gangurde says:

home made food are the best food to loose weight loss do not eat junk food at all eat fruits n drink water

kamilia tv says:

First time i see your Channel very sweet 😀😀💖💖💖

Jamie Lee Ashton says:

Yay 😁 loved this video!!

Yovana Mendoza says:

Loved making these recipes with you!! 💗🤩😘

Makenzi Rutherford says:

Where is your outfit from? You always rock the cutest workout clothes

Myra Villagomez-Sanchez says:

The tea drink is such a great idea I’m going to try that thank you two for sharing

Annel Carmona says:

What if you have gastritis and can't have lemon or pinnacle vinegar

Kitty Life says:

thank u4 this im going 2 try some of these drinks

TREASURES WOVEN with love . . . says:

This is great. I always do peppermint ginger teas so I’m going to do the smoothie. I love cucumbers. Thank you so much 😊 love ya both

bernice541 says:

You two look like you have so much fun together! Thank you very much for sharing these recipes! Can’t wait to try all three!!

Angelique La Manna says:

Love your videos!!! I’m sure you have heard this before but….do you watch Schitt’s Creek? You look so much like Alexis!

Amy McGrath says:

I like to use the Gas/bloating tea by the same brand. It works well most of the time.

Sara D says:

Ahh! I love when two of my faves collab 😍😍😍

Apostle Marissa Sharp Freeman says:

Aw, your friend and you are so cute together! Loved when y’all were laughing over the green juice hitting the ceiling, LOL! 😂 💕 🤗

Marie French says:

Brilliant ideas thank you. 👍🏼

Lumbergal26 says:

Love these recipes! I can’t wait to try it. 😊

Treepose Go says:

So I had maple, ginger tea and I added a few drops of peppermint extract, powdered cinnamon and turmeric. Delicious. In the spring I’ll have fresh mint and lemon balm and try that. Thanks for the inspiration. .

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