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9 Amazing Pie Recipes!

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Ethan Putnam says:

For real if anyone knows where I can find this song, let me know. I actually love it so much

somaia hamdy 2007 says:

Anybody watching this in August 6???

A Stop Motion Channel says:

It’s filo not phyllo.

Alisha Plymouthe says:

Why did I find this in a playlist of tastys desserts 😂

Fatima Abdullahi says:

Yummy😋👯❤❤i like fries my mouth is watering already thanks.

Flyin43 says:

Though I forgive you for the mix up as the only difference between them is that Shepherds pie uses lamb and Cottage pie uses beef.
It's small, but I had to point it out.

musou70 says:

It is a real AMERICAN PIE!!

lmoao xd says:

When you don't know what to cook so u watch tasty for recipes

Madzie 2000 says:

Dean Winchester wants to know your location

Sadaf Shahzad says:

Who else watch these videos but doesn't make any of them!!

Rebecca Rich says:

They’re really all savory huh

Hannah Estes says:

savory vs. sweet pie. which do you like better?
comment what you think below!!!

Arin Atamanova says:

Stop. Did they just make… spaghetti pie? I mean, it’s like dough in square.

NagisaXD Uchiha says:

My mom makes the best pot pies

Mewkityy says:

I eating hate pies but love making them

Jaden says:

Vegetarian ones??

Hannah Estes says:

I was hoping for an apple pie recipe but I don't care

ellie says:

kinda hoped these were all desert pies :/

Mehreen Tasnim says:

3:25 is straight up Tripophobia

Sergej Đukić says:

Plssssss the song

Park Jimin says:

Its sad that Elle's anti-freeze pumpkin pie isn't in this list.

If you know, you know. 😂😂

sweetmilks says:

I can't be the only one who thinks half of this shit looks gross and/or weird and impractical


1:23 Las empanadas no llevan cheddar CAPO

Selene Gonzales says:

who else is tired of these nordstrom ads! 🙄

rhijulbec1 says:

Once again Tasty, you never fail to disappoint. Tell me, please, who has time to individually place about 50 seperate pieces of pasta upright in a pan? Are all of you at Tasty single? With nothing but time to make these? I sure as hell don't. The recipes look really good, but all the fuss that goes into making some of them, just isn't worth it! It tsstes just as good mixed or layered and cooked that way. Not that silly fussing you are ALL so in love with!

Culture Addict says:

Tasty: butchering pasta since the first video.

Bruna Pelegrini says:

I was expecting some sweet pies

Gacha_nugget :3 says:

They all look so good

Adam Suleiman says:

Shepherds pie has to be lamb, not beef

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